My Friends,
I believe it is necessary for me to inform you of the latest anti-gun nomination from President Obama.
His name is David Michaels. He is to be the next administrator of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). I just read some stuff about this guy in today's NAGR from Dudley Brown. And it is worrisome! Now I didn't vote for Obama. But I didn't vote for McCain either! That being said, Obama is now the President. There's nothing we can do about that. Our rights as Americans are being taken away little by little and we CAN do something about that! The news media calls us, "Gun nuts" or "Right wing extremists" and "Alarmists" Whatever they call us, we are still Americans. We must never forget how we came to be Americans. How the people that came before us died to provide us with that grace. Where ever you may be, if there is a town-hall meeting, go to it. Let your voice be heard. Be respectful but adamant. Tell them we don't want government's help in any thing. We don't want government health, money, or intrusion in to our lives. We believe in freedom. And that includes lawful gun ownership!