Retaining a lawyer

Retaining a lawyer

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Thread: Retaining a lawyer

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    Retaining a lawyer

    Got to thinking today that if God forbid I had to use my firearm I don't think I would want to say anything at the scene. How many of you have a lawyer on retention and am I just being paranoid?

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    This advice has been given once or twice a year...I still have to find a local lawyer. I have talked with a few, but not with one who impresses me.
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    I have a list of lawyers from my area in my walet ; )
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    Should have done a search sorry. We just have some strange things going on around here and it just got me thinking.

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    As said earlier, talk to a few of them. Call their offices and find out if they are 2A friendly. Usually a good defense lawyer that is well informed about the laws of your area will at least work to start. If you don't get the results you are expecting, get another.

    I have several phone numbers in my phone of local lawyers that have their CHL. Two of them are noted criminal defense lawyers that specialize in this sort of matter.

    Just pick up the phone and start calling a few of them.

    If no one has said it already, I know they have in other threads, after a shooting there are three numbers that you need to dial. Of course after dialing the police, your lawyer, your SO and then maybe your pastor, if you have one.

    Just my $.02
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    I guess I'm lucky, my brother's a lawyer. It never hurts to have one in the family.
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    I've done gunsmith work for a lawyer. No charge for the work in exchange for his cell phone number.

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    That is the smartest thing you can do; I have an attorney I pay a small fee to retain him, for that fee I get a laminated card with his name and private cell phone number; If anything happens, I call him right after I call 911 and present the card to LEOs that respond to he call.

    The one time I had to use it was worth every penny I paid, I can promise you.......
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    I think its a bit silly for the average Joe to have one on retainer, however, I do suggest you mingle with a few and try to get to know some. I sure would hate to be flipping the pages of a phone book at 0 dark 30 looking for one that answers the phone.
    I've found that a lot of 2A friendly council love to shoot clays. There are a good number of them that belong to my club. Maybe that would be a good starting point.
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    I am a member of Concealed Handgun License Protection Plan(CHLPP is a legal services membership organization for concealed handgun licence/permit holders) They provide legal assistance in case God forbid you have to defend yourself with your handgun. Once you obtain membership, they will send you a toll free number that you can call 24/7 and have access to a lawyer to speak to law enforcement on your behalf. Based on the information I have gathered, you should let your attorney do the talking even if you are completely justified. They are based out of the state of Texas but cover all states. Individual coverage is $130/year, all other coverages are listed on their website.

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    I spoke with a lawyer in St. Louis county the other day on some unrelated issues, and also about representation in a self-defense shooting.

    Last week I was talking to another lawyer in St. Charles county, where I live (although I live close to the boundary between the two counties). I asked him if it would be a PITA to have a lawyer from St. Louis county represent me

    Without batting an eye, he said, "It depends on where it occurs." Then he elaborated that a lawyer from another county might not have the same relationship with all the players at the courthouse, and might not know the personalities and tendencies of other lawyers and judges involved.

    Then he says it might not hurt to have two lawyers (yeh, he could be self-promoting, but his advice makes sense). He said two might be able to handle assaults on a client better than one.

    It is a good feeling to have a self-defense lawyer write his personal cellphone number on his business card, and say you can call him at any time, day or night. I've passed the cards around to family members, billfold, fridge, etc. Yep, it beats that phone book at the police station in the middle of the night.

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    I have an attorney. Had to use him for another matter (long story) unrelated to guns.

    Got to know him. Good guy. Several friends in common. We have stayed in touch somewhat. I called him up over a couple of gun matters, then called to ask if he would represent me if ever needed.
    Got home, office and cell nos., just in case.

    He calls me his "favorite gun-totin' Methodist preacher."
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    Having a lawyer is like having a little extra piece of mind. At one time I had 2. An emergency lawyer on retainer and a business lawyer. Like others say if your involved in local shooting sooner or later you'll meet one. Or flip through the book and set up some meetings to find one you like. Remember to find a "criminal" lawyer. If you ever need one you don't want to have a guy who's never been to court.
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