Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns

Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns

This is a discussion on Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anyone think they want National health care? This is just the start of how you will be taxed on your guns. IMO. There will be ...

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Thread: Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns

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    Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns

    Anyone think they want National health care? This is just the start of how you will be taxed on your guns. IMO. There will be forms you have to fill out with many questions on your health, this is how they will determine how much to charge you for your health care, everyone will be different. Then comes the section on how many guns you have, the price of inexpensive health care just got expensive. If you don't opt for the health care you will have to prove you have employer health care, but still fill out the paper work. If you nothing you will be fined. I recently took a health survey at work to get a lower co-pay, all the heath questions were there, and then I was asked how many guns I had and if they were in a safe, if any were loaded. (of course there loaded) My end score was not good, I still get the lower co-pay if I agree to a follow up phone call. I'm going to have fun with that. Ya see I am like you a higher risk to be insured. there is the gun tax. Let your congress folks know this will get them fired.
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    Concealed is concealed. I'd be tempted to "forget" that I owned any guns. I am not sure what the penalty for lying would be but to me this is getting too close to gun registration.
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    Unfortunately the economy has forced me to sell all of my guns as well as other possessions just to make ends meet. I only hang out here to keep up with what is going on concerning carry. :)

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    I don't think government run health care is all about health care. I think it is about control. Be wary of big stacks of paper. Could you imagine if you worked for a civilian company and they tasked you with drafting up a solution to health care and you showed up at a meeting with a stack of paper over foot tall. You would be fired on the spot and escorted off the premises. When your next potential employer called for a reference you would be identified as a nut case.
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    I have heard that refusing to purchase health insurance may result in being charged with a misdemeanor. In my state, I would lose my CHL (for 4 years?), if convicted of a misdemeanor. A fine I could deal with.

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    Refusing to purchase health care will result in a tax penalty, that's probably worse than a criminal penalty... If you work for a decent sized company, they will be required to carry insurance... I also read somewhere that a company that is currently offering health care coverage to their employees will be required to continue to carry it privately...

    I'm not too concerned, I don't own any guns...
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    Guns? What guns?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stanislaskasava View Post
    I have heard that refusing to purchase health insurance may result in being charged with a misdemeanor. In my state, I would lose my CHL (for 4 years?), if convicted of a misdemeanor. A fine I could deal with.
    NO! IT'S A FELONY!!! As if you had raped or murdered someone in cold blood. 5 years minimum in prison, up to $250,000 fine, and goodbye chl for life.

    Regarding the bill that passed the house: YouTube - Don't Buy Health Care, Get A 5 Year Felony And Loss of All Rights

    Of course, no such fine or defamation of character is applied to the poor. How is this even America anymore, a felony for opting out of a service?
    Crime should be outlawed.

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    I've been reading that the 5yr/$250k penalty is currently in the bill's language.

    Stevew is correct: this isn't about health at all. Gov health care is a freaking gold mine of taxes, fees, fines, and penalties waiting to happen. A lot of damage can be done in the name of "health"...

    New taxes on all food/drink items, particularly anything "bad" for you. What's bad for you? Not just booze and fast food, but anything they decide to put on the list. I can go through the entire inventory of your local grocery store and explain how each item is "bad" for you or presents some kind of risk.

    We can all figure out how the wind will blow regarding firearms.

    Your car creates carcinogenic pollutants so you'll get a new tax on all vehicles. Even that snappy new "all-green" model has nasty byproducts during its production.

    Heating and A/C systems that don't meet the new standard for air quality will get a special new tax.

    Blah, blah, blah.... on and on.

    Now here's something to think about:

    Drug addicts will naturally be a terrible drain on this system, so you can expect new efforts in the anti-drug campaign. Expect to pay not only for increased activity in the war on drugs, but to pay for getting an addict clean. You see, the money spent on cleaning up an addict is less than what he would cost the state if he went untreated. This will justify new expenses not just for the treatment programs, but for the billions that will be dumped into "studying and developing" new treatment programs.

    Oh yes, friends; just like the global warming scam, health care has but one purpose, and it isn't "caring for your health."
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    Quote Originally Posted by stanislaskasava View Post
    I have heard that refusing to purchase health insurance may result in being charged with a misdemeanor. In my state, I would lose my CHL (for 4 years?), if convicted of a misdemeanor. A fine I could deal with.
    Anti-Consitution.... that is illegal.

    You will win in Court. That will not fly.

    They can try it with me if they like.
    "I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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    The bill is about healthcare

    Please take the time to actually read the bill or find interesting sections to review before you comment. There is so much bad propaganda out there from both sides it's amazing. The media idiots are finding anything that creates a buzz and putting their own idiot spin on it. However, it does institute socialistic control beyond actual belief. Gun control is nothing compared to this. But this bill is laying some foundational groundwork that will lead to gun control as a part of an amendment to the healthcare bill later. So, it is about healthcare, but more about instituting socialism.

    By the way, I apologize, but I don't have guns either, as long as I have notice of a search, you won't find any. I am somewhat dyslexic and thought this was a forum on gnus.
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    Ironic isn't it.... if someone refuses the healthcare and won't pay the fine, they can end up in prison... where their healthcare will be FREE. LOL. That's the Govt for ya.

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    Don't get me wrong I don't want any of this nonsense passing.....however...

    I highly doubt anything like that will pass as its reading.

    The fines and/or jail are not directed at you as an individual. They are directed at large companies with payroll in excess of a certain amount. If I remember correctly it is any business making over $375,000 a year and has more than 5 employees. That raises the stakes beyond every day Joe Smith working on his own and making $50,000 a year of something.

    Truthfully if your business is making $375,000 a year, you should be able to pay for any Blue Cross program. Which is already basically government run healthcare......

    That is why this NEW healthcare program is bullsheet...... They already have Medicare and Medicaid that are ruined by government waste and consumer fraud. So now we will all have a NEW and BIGGER plan to suck away our tax dollars in a poorly run, fraud ridden system......

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    375,000 after paying 5 employees 10.00 a hr. ss workmen comp. would leave with about 75,000 if you could make 30 % profit and good luck at that

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    The tax is based on your payroll -- even if you have zero profit.

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