March 3, 2004

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By Steve Marr © 2004 Business Reform

Over the past few years, a deluge of lawsuits have targeted firearms manufactures, claiming they should be held liable for damages done with a gun. Now Congress is considering a bill to shield the manufactures from frivolous suits.

The goal of the anti-gun lobby is to throw up thousands of suits against the manufactures, hoping to put them out of business.

The ďlogicĒ is that if a crook acquires a gun, or anyone uses a gun in a crime, injuring or killing someone, the manufacturer is responsible for the damages. The anti-gun crowd claims manufacturers are responsible, even if the gun was sold legally.

Using their logic, auto companies should be liable for accidental deaths or injury on the road, because they made the car; and boat makers should pay for injuries on the water. When a fish hook bit into my hand, I guess that I missed out by not suing the lure maker for selling such awfully sharp barbs.

People who misuse guns, and drivers who misuse cars, should be held the ones held accountable for damage. These lawsuits are designed to bankrupt gun makers, not to follow some reasonable legal position. Itís amounted to wholesale harassment. If they continue, then any business can be ruined by using the same tactics. The Prophet Ezekiel relating a message from the Lord stated, ďPeople accuse others falselyÖĒ (Ezekiel 22:9 NLT).

In the short run, we need to pass the bill to shield gun makers from frivolous law suits. They will still be liable for defective products, or for selling a weapon to a known criminal. And in the long run, we need tort reform to stop such suits from being filed against anyone in such a manner. Freedom of business is at stake here. Because if one industry can be bankrupted in this way, yours could be next.