MORE BAD RAP FOR GUNS IN SEATTLE (well 30 mins away)

MORE BAD RAP FOR GUNS IN SEATTLE (well 30 mins away)

This is a discussion on MORE BAD RAP FOR GUNS IN SEATTLE (well 30 mins away) within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Classmates share impressions of Puyallup murder plot suspect 01:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 By TIM ROBINSON / KING 5 News Video KING ...

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Thread: MORE BAD RAP FOR GUNS IN SEATTLE (well 30 mins away)

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    MORE BAD RAP FOR GUNS IN SEATTLE (well 30 mins away)

    Classmates share impressions of Puyallup murder plot suspect

    01:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    KING 5's Tim Robinson reports

    More ... Custom Video ... PUYALLUP, Wash. - A student accused in a plot to kill his classmates at Rogers High School in Puyallup is now charged with attempted assault.

    Students returning to class Tuesday morning painted two different pictures of the teenager.

    "I never thought something like this would be going through somebody's head," said Keith England, Rogers High student.


    The teen is believed to be the lone participant in the plot.

    Police say the 16-year-old was plotting to shoot and kill 15 classmates and then himself. His motive? Police said the suspect “wanted people to feel his pain and he wanted to be hated, no having earned respect in the past.”

    KING 5 spoke to some who know the student, people who think this is a misunderstanding.

    The suspect is a sophomore R.O.T.C. student. Teachers describe him as energetic, positive and a good student. But after a tip, Pierce County deputies swarmed a South Hill home, seizing two rifles, two handguns, ammunition, a homemade bomb, a copy of “The Anarchists Cookbook" and some computers.

    The suspect also reportedly vented his outrage on his web page. In addition, a person who appears to be the suspect wrote on March 28th “the gloves come off and I'm more than ready to start spilling blood."

    “He's a very intelligent, very creative guy, always been very helpful,” said Tom Demogines, neighbor. “One of the few kids that is very comfortable with adults.”

    “Well, I thought that was something to be really concerned about,” said Annice Parker, parent. “If kids are doing things like that, I think it's something to really pay close attention to."

    “He was a happy,” said Keith England, student. “I thought he was a happy person."

    The suspect is in custody in juvenile hall, charged with felony attempted assault and the manufacture of an incendiary device. He has a court hearing next Tuesday.

    This is the third school plot broken up by police in the last few days. Over the weekend, six boys were arrested in Alaska. The seventh graders are accused of planning a massacre at their middle school. And five teens face charges in Kansas. They’re accused of planning a school shooting on the anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

    ALSO, if anyone remembers the Massacre we had in Seattle three weeks ago, since then, 5 new reported murders from guns in Seattle have been all over the news and guns are getting a bad rap in the news over here in the Pacifiic North West.

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    It's sad that teens today and even pre-teens are in the shape they are in. A very small percentage but they are the ones making the news. I just turned 51 and when I was in school, it was yes sir and no sir or you got your butt blistered --- and that was before Dad got hold of you! I have great respect for Euclidian and others who teach today. It's a strange new world, unfortunately.
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    Unfortunatly this is some major ammo for the sheeple and antis. For the most part i think these kids are getting these guns from grandpas or dads arsenal. I don't want restrictions on my guns and i dont want to get killed by a depressed teenager, so parents please pay attention to your freakin kids. If them going out and murdering a bunch of people comes as a huge shock then you don't know them well enough. If they like to torture small animals then lock your guns up. If you spend time with them (ie fishing hunting video games whatever) then you will probably see these things coming. But then again, teens don't like their parents and hate rules. The only logical explanation is to lock up all the teens to protect the public. After all guns don't kill people, teens kill people.
    "In those days, there was a lot more respect for other people and it showed in peoples values.... Today the word value means nothing more than something you get on the $1 menu at McDonald's." -BARK'N

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    Not good - but a sad reflection on some of the teen kids nowadays.

    So many seem to think the world owes them a living and respect, even if they put nothing in - and then the discontent boils over to the point that these odd few are so unhinged they have to plan some horrendous shooting act - just to gain notoriety!

    It is almost the worst fodder we can imagine for the anti's - who will only use it to their own ends - plus, I am concerned at how seemingly easy some of these kids can access guns and that is down to an apparent apathy/carelessness within the parent/adult sector.

    What ever has happened to responsibility.
    Chris - P95
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    have to wounder is the desire to be famouse that strong is it that nesacery to be noticed. teens thease days belive this to be inspired by holy woods warped view of the world and imo

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    I wonder if he was on some type of prescribtion drugs?

    Notice that since the "maybe" link between the drugs like anti-depressants and ritilan came out it was "dropped" really quickly and the "gun" once again became the object to demonize?

    Besides having the kids pumped full of prescribtion drugs now days, I wonder what else happened to have changed kids from my day (80's) to now.


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    Well not surprising, I was talking to a co-worker, she says her daughter in grade 4 is being offered drugs. I am truely worried about how to raise my daughter. I plan to teach her how to shoot pistol and long gun, take martial arts and volunteer in the community. That way she will be kind, caring and able to kick ass.

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