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NRA: Pro 2nd or government lapdog?

This is a discussion on NRA: Pro 2nd or government lapdog? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by BukWild I have stayed away from the NRA for quite some time after reading the stuff about the 'brady bill'. the are ...

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Thread: NRA: Pro 2nd or government lapdog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BukWild View Post
    I have stayed away from the NRA for quite some time after reading the stuff about the 'brady bill'. the are a self proliferating group, if they don't scare the hell out of us that 'they' are trying to take our guns away, then they don't have the $$$ to pay their high ups.
    I prefer to support more grass root orgs. I beleive in the beginning nra was on the right track, but I believe now they are just crooked politicians themselves...
    Until about 1972, the NRA printed one page a year in the American Rifleman about gun control laws proposed. They were more into target shooting and hunting. The roots of the NRA go back to the Civil War when most of the Blue Coats could not hit a barn from the inside.
    In 1871 some officers decided to make American a Nation of Riflemen again.
    But they were blindsided by the communist world revolutions, the Roaring Twenties gangsters and like Jews in Germany, as long as their '03 Springfields and hunting were left alone they went along to get along.
    A fellow named Neal Knox turned them around, starting in Cincinnati.

    They have and do good things, the bullet ban was going to pass and make 100% of the guns illegal. The NRA wrote it so only bullets that were not and never were marketed [KTW, etc] were banned.

    They have gotten better and it seems much of the criticism comes from sore losers. Yet they are not perfect, the best way to change them is from inside.
    Join NRA for a national voice, join your state association, suypport JPFO, and RMGO and any of the other groups. But don't cut your nose off to spite your face.
    The People Think the Constitution Protects Their Rights;
    Government See IT as an Obstacle to be Over-come.

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    Just renewed my NRA membership via DC's NRA link. I'm unemployed, short on funds, and it counts as my brithday gift. The DC link only cost's $25 (vs the normal $35). I feel bad I'm not paying the $10, but I'm grateful I have a way for another year to be one of the members the NRA can list as a supporter / number in their ranks.

    The NRA may not be perfect, but given what they do, and what it means to the public at large, they are worth the price IMHO.
    NRA Life Member

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