Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll

Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll

This is a discussion on Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns claims to have polled NRA members and claims those members want more gun control. Trouble is that the pollster they ...

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Thread: Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll

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    Thumbs down Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll

    Anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns claims to have polled NRA members and claims those members want more gun control.

    Trouble is that the pollster they used is well known for twisting polls to come out the way that the customer wants using the "correct" wording for the questions.

    Check out this:

    From the company's "Areas of Expertise" page Areas of Expertise - The Word Doctors) on their web site, labeled "Issues and answers":

    "If you need to create the language to build support for legislation, we’ll find the right words. If you need to kill a bad bill, we’ll show you how. Either take control of the debate, or the debate will take control of you."

    This was a bogus poll and the company who generated it unashamedly admits that they specifically engineer their polls to get a desired result.

    Beyond the NRA's absolutism
    By E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    When it comes to passing sensible gun laws, Congress typically offers profiles in Cowardice.

    The National Rifle Association wields power that would make an Afghan warlord jealous because the organization is thought to command legions of one-issue voters ready to punish any deviationism from the never- pass-any-new-gun-laws imperative. Many legislators fear that casting a vote for even a smidgen of restraint on weapons sales could be politically lethal.

    But imagine if NRA members were more reasonable than the organization's leaders and supporters in Congress in understanding the urgency of keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

    NRA leaders, meet your members.

    It turns out that the people in the ranks actually are much wiser than their lobbyists. In a move that should revolutionize the gun debate, Mayors Against Illegal Guns decided to go over the heads of Beltway types and poll gun owners and NRA members directly.

    The survey, which will be released soon, wasn't conducted by some liberal outfit but by Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster lately famous for providing talking points against the Democrats' health-care bills.

    "I support the NRA," Luntz insists. What he doesn't go for is the "slippery slope argument" that casts any new gun law as the first step toward confiscation. "When the choice is between national security and terrorism versus no limits on owning guns," Luntz says, "I'm on the side of national security and fighting terrorism."

    Most NRA members seem to agree.

    In his survey of 832 gun owners, including 401 NRA members, Luntz found that 82 percent of NRA members supported "prohibiting people on the terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns." Sixty-nine percent favored "requiring all gun sellers at gun shows to conduct criminal background checks of the people buying guns," and 78 percent backed "requiring gun owners to alert police if their guns are lost or stolen." Among gun owners who did not belong to the NRA, the numbers were even higher.

    It's true that these gun owners, including NRA members, don't buy broader forms of gun control. For example, 59 percent of NRA members opposed "requiring every gun owner to register each gun he or she owns as part of a national gun registry," though I was surprised that 30 percent supported this.

    And gun owners continue to worry that President Obama "will attempt to ban the sales of guns in the United States at some point while he is president." Asked about this, 44 percent of NRA members said Obama "definitely" would and 35 percent said he "probably" would.

    Still, those surveyed stood behind the core idea that gun regulations and gun rights complement each other. The poll offered this statement: "We can do more to stop criminals from getting guns while also protecting the rights of citizens to freely own them." Among all gun owners and NRA members, 86 percent agreed.

    NRA members also oppose the idea behind the so-called Tiahrt amendments passed by Congress. Named for Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), the rules prevent law enforcement officials from having full access to gun trace data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and require the FBI to destroy certain background-check records after just 24 hours. Talk about handcuffing the police.

    The mayors' poll offered respondents this statement, antithetical to the Tiahrt rules: "The federal government should not restrict the police's ability to access, use, and share data that helps them enforce federal, state and local gun laws." Among NRA members, 69 percent agreed.

    This survey should empower Congress to take at least some baby steps down the safe path the mayors' group is trying to blaze. They could start by overturning the Tiahrt rules and keeping guns from those on terrorism watch lists. "There are too many public officials taking an absolutist position when they don't have to," Luntz says. "And they're taking it not because they want to, but because they're scared into doing it."

    Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee said in an interview that he and his colleagues are trying to send a clear message to gun owners: "If you have a gun you use for hunting or for self-defense in your home, I don't want your gun."

    What he does want are tougher rules on purchases that might have kept six of his city's police officers from being shot with guns bought at the same gun store. A lot of gun owners get that.
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    In his survey of 832 gun owners, including 401 NRA members
    I wonder how many gun owners they had to call to get the 832 that voted the way they wanted them to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    I wonder how many gun owners they had to call to get the 832 that voted the way they wanted them to?
    GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out. 97.9% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Pretty sad, but they do this because they know the American will believe anything that's in print or seen on TV. I'd love to be surveyed, but that's not likely to happen in my lifetime. Well put Archer!
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    look at the title "Against Illegal Guns" without definition or explanation
    who is for illegal guns
    semantics the concept illegal anything prejudices responses

    do you support illegal fill in the blank _____ (laws/judges/ priest/cats/wars)

    The response would likely be that 80 % of Americans oppose a clearly illegal activity on principle

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    I can only imagine the wording of the questions used:

    Would you rather your immediate family became hooked on meth orthat there were background checks on private sales of firearms?

    Would you rather your wife was raped in your presence or that we not allow people on the terrorist watch list to buy guns?

    Yeah, these are meant to be darkly humorous examples, but the point is that the poll questions were more likely skewed to begin with.
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    I never would have figured out the poll was bogus because I would've stopped at the byline. E.J. Dionne Jr takes his marching orders from the DNC. He's a lapdog and an idiot, to boot.

    It's striking anyone who agrees with him is "reasonable," implying that anyone who opposes more gun laws is, by definition, clearly unreasonable. An unreasonable person cannot be argued with, thereby eliminating the need for Dionne to engage that person in a debate on the issue. Standard liberal trick.

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