A good sign

A good sign

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Thread: A good sign

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    A good sign

    I have been out of the country for the past 7 months, pretty well cut off from everything. And upon returning home, I noticed that people are becoming more involved with politics (in a good way). The last couple of months has apparently opened a lot of eyes to the fact that if we don't make our voices heard and fights for the rights and values we hold dear, they are going to be taken away from us.

    For example, my father, who was always conservative, but never really a gun nut like myself, asked me the other day what he needs to do to get his CFP. He joined the NRA as well, and he never joins anything. He also was telling me how it has become a common discussion, even in places such as his church, that citizens need to become more involved, much more than merely voting.

    I see this as a very good sign, that people are starting to realize that we need to take back the reins of this nation. A small glimmer of hope at least.
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    Let's hope that is truly the case. That being said I have seen similar signs.

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    We need an UPRISING of conservative voters...
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    The 2010 mid-term elections will tell us more, but I think you're correct overall.

    I also notice there is more interest in guns and shooting, as well as concealed weapon permits and licenses.

    Let us work hard and take back our country.
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    I think we just need to get our "cause" (2nd Amend) voiced publicly and MAKE people aware of how good guys with guns actually helps the crime rate. Everyone should take some time in the next week or two and just right an opinion article to your local newspapers to get more positive word out there. Every little bit helps...
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    I think that the economy has been the biggest factor in many people's thoughts about buying a gun for the very first time.

    With the economy in the tank, government is talking smack about taxes and more entitlement programs "for the poor." Which means higher taxes and more lazy louts with nothing to do but get into trouble with the law. So the perceived risk of crime is higher than normal and people are doing the one thing that they can - buy a gun.

    On top of that, government doesn't seem to be listening to the voice/will of the people. So, average citizens are seeing that our government has been corrupted and that there is a risk of civil unrest. Katrina showed us all what WILL happen in a disaster situation. Which means that individuals will need to protect themselves and the smart ones go buy several guns. And ammo.

    These people are just the tip of what is happening. They are not "conservatives" who are trying to "take back our country." What they are is individuals who are scared enough that they have realized that they have to protect themselves through self defense AND politics.

    2010 will be a year in which the voice of the people will be heard at the ballot box. The fact that a whole lotta Democrats will be out of a job means nothing except that they were stupid enough to vote for the crap that's been spewing out of DC this year. They weren't the only ones (Hello Olympia Snowe, glad to hear about your impending forced retirement) just the most prominent as a party.

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    I for one am glad that people seem to be getting more involved. I think it might be on both sides of the political aisle! Obviously those who are more liberal got out in force to elect President Obama and give congress a filibuster-proof majority in the senate. Time will tell if that trend reverses come November.

    I think that people getting out to vote is an absolute duty as a citizen, every bit as important as protecting ALL of our constitutional rights and exercising them with judicious restraint!

    Merry Christmas one and all.
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