Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit.

Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit.

This is a discussion on Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit. within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Andrew Madoff, 43, applied for a license to keep a handgun in his swanky Upper East Side pad more than six months ago -- and ...

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Thread: Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit.

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    Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit.

    Andrew Madoff, 43, applied for a license to keep a handgun in his swanky Upper East Side pad more than six months ago -- and his name appears on NYPD and state police lists of approved permit holders.

    This despite Andrew's allegedly punching out a former employee on the street and going through an ugly divorce.

    A high-ranking NYPD insider said Andrew's dust-up with ex-worker Reed Abend in January should have disqualified him.

    "I would think that if the license division knew about that, they would suspend his permit immediately," the source said.

    The alleged January smackdown happened when Abend, 37, confronted Andrew about getting stiffed on a $450,000 bonus. Abend told The Post Andrew clocked him in the head, sending him to the hospital. No one was arrested.

    The NYPD issues permits at the police commissioner's discretion -- and commonly gives them to those with clean records and no history of mental or substance problems.

    In response to a Freedom of Information request by The Post in September, the NYPD provided a list of 36,040 permit holders last week, saying the names were verified and up to date as of Dec. 18.

    Asked about Madoff's permit, the NYPD then said its records were wrong -- that he applied but has not been approved.

    But a spokesman for the State Police -- which gets permit information from counties across the state and New York City -- said Andrew Madoff is on its roster of license holders.

    The NYPD's answers confused even Madoff's lawyer.

    "Andrew Madoff did apply for a permit to have a gun in his home, and that was well over six months ago," Martin Flumenbaum said. "He has not heard anything -- one way or another -- from the NYPD."

    The NYPD is required by law to approve a gun permit application within six months or explain why it was rejected.

    The Madoffs have worn a bulls-eye since Wall Street weasel Bernie copped to a $65 billion Ponzi scheme. He wore a bulletproof vest to court.

    Andrew's wife filed for divorce the same day his father was charged last December.

    The NYPD list of permit holders was fraught with problems. The list includes former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who was convicted this month of mail and wire fraud. But the NYPD said Bruno's license was yanked when he was indicted on Jan. 23.

    "That's the typical NYPD bureaucracy," said New York City gun lawyer Jerold Levine. "If you press them and catch them, then their answer will be, 'We did nothing wrong, and we will never do it again.' "

    Cops said there are 36,040 current permit holders, down from 36,937 in 2008. They revoked 209 permits in 2009.


    The following have NYPD pistol permits:

    Howard Stern, satellite shock jock

    Don Imus, syndicated shock jock

    Harvey Keitel, actor

    Sean Hannity, TV host

    Donald Trump, developer

    Donald Trump Jr.

    Eric Trump

    Ronald Lauder, Estee Lauder heir

    Carlos Delgado, ex-Mets first baseman

    David Wright, Mets third baseman

    Lee Mazzilli, former Met and Yankee

    Barry Levinson, director

    Tommy Mottola, recording exec

    John Mack, CEO of Morgan Stanley

    John Catsimatidis, Gristedes CEO

    Alexis Stewart, Martha’s daughter

    Dr. Robert Jarvik, artificial heart inventor

    Richard Brown, Queens DA

    Janet DiFiore, Westchester DA

    Barry Slotnick, lawyer

    Raoul Felder, lawyer

    Pat Cooper, comedian

    Anthony Carbonetti,Giuliani Partners


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    Funny how the rules change for the annointed.

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    I'm glad to see Hannity on there. He probably has more than a few left wing wack-jobs ready to gun him down to prove the point that he is wrong and guns are evil.
    Walk softly ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by matdicdad View Post
    Funny how the rules change for the annointed.


    These bozos for the city/state all too often pick and choose who is bestowed a permit,,, shameful -corrupt process

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    While the folks on the list might think they are the "Elite" for being allowed this special privelage, us folks here in the US think it is a right.
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    Please try to understand the logic.

    IF you are a famous person or a celebrity then "crazy-scumbag-type" people may try to do you harm or possibly even kill you...and so you deserve a license to carry a firearm in order to protect yourself and your family.

    BUT, if you are just a cab driver (or other relatively unknown personage) and some crazy scumbag tries to do you harm or possibly even kill you...then you are "out of luck" because somebody is not trying to kill you because you are rich or famous...they are just trying to harm or kill you for a myriad of other less important reasons.

    No do you understand?

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    Ok, I guess this rank should have come over here instead.

    Exactly: Celebs can carry them because we all know they need protecting from the BGs that normal folks will never encounter because normal folks have those bodyguards that celebs don't have and police protection or private security, we all know that, that's why they need a CCP. I thought everyone knew that.

    Just ask Rosie O'Donnell who's against guns adamently unless your her bodyguard, then it's alright.
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    Yep, SEE doesn't it all make sense now?
    If you are a "celeb" & can afford armed bodyguards then you don't need to carry a gun to protect then you are able to fashionably hate guns as long as you yourself are protected.

    It's SO simple!

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    LOL @ NYC

    Where does at the discretion of the Police for a permit fall under our constitution as a legal means of upholding the rights of the second Amendment?

    Hence why I will never even visit NYC. I have never been there nor do I ever want to.

    Closest I have been was DC and only because an extremely close friend was having a wedding there. Only reason I would ever go unarmed especially going to DC.

    I think he should be allowed to get his permit. If they deny him a permit then he needs to move to another state. If he stays and gets shot im sorry it was his choice and he will not get my condolences.
    "I believe that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive." - Ronald Reagan

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    Why is it that State governments can trump the Federal government when it comes to laws such as this ?? That's almost like me the civilian telling some LEO that he will do what I say.
    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
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    Note a fairly important distinction:

    Andrew Madoff, 43, applied for a license to keep a handgun in his swanky Upper East Side pad
    In NYC, a license to keep a handgun in your home is not all that special. Most any NYC resident can get one if they have a clean record, a lawyer to file the paperwork, go through multiple fingerprinting and interviews, wait 6 months, and pay the $500 in fees. This is not a license to carry, only to own, posses in your home, and transport (unloaded and in a container) a pistol.


    The following have NYPD pistol permits:
    The second half of the article "Packing Heat" implies the persons have concealed carry permits. These are specifically reserved for the influential and famous...

    ...a poorly researched article at best
    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    Glad Hannity is on also, no surprise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matdicdad View Post
    Funny how the rules change for the annointed.
    Not funny at all.

    But I agree with your sentiment. Equal protection under the law, with some treated "more equally" than others.

    As Pat Metheny said: This is not America. David Bowie sang in the rendition used in the 1985 film The Falcon & The Snowman which itself was a showcase of crimes against the People.
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