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Karl Malone's anti-carry editorial in SI

This is a discussion on Karl Malone's anti-carry editorial in SI within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Thanis I think the whole article has to be read with that in mind. For example, if someone comes into a gun ...

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Thread: Karl Malone's anti-carry editorial in SI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    I think the whole article has to be read with that in mind. For example, if someone comes into a gun store to buy a gun for protection, I'm thinking protection from what might be a good follow up question.

    Not saying I agree with his last statement. Most likely some of the places he has a CC permit for, it is labled as a privilege.

    I'm sure after a few minutes, he could have clarified what he was trying to state better. He gets a pass from me on the issue. I'm marking it off as poorly worded.
    It may indeed have been addressed to fellow NBA players, but if so, I wish he would have explicitly stated that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    any talk of anything "free" from the government gets my skivvies in a wad...

    I ask for and pay taxes for my government to protect me from enemies foreign and domestic and to extract from honest society those enemies.
    Ideally, as "guns don't kill people", citizens have a right to carry until proven by their criminal behavior unworthy to do so.
    It is my duty, as a citizen, to be a worthy citizen, to strive to improve through training, for example, and I should not expect the government to provide anything but the security to pursue my "happiness".
    "Free" government CCW training would be a new bureaucracy but could happen only in a radical right-winger's dream. I don't think that BikerRN is a radical right-winger or a dreamer. It's just that the purpose of the law is to protect honest citizens, and I don't want it to imply blurring the distinction between a government of the people and the people responsive to government regulation.
    Karl Malone's statement's are fine with me in the context of a sports article. I want him on my side. Not just anyone should carry into a crowded arena. If he misspoke by saying that gun ownership is a privilege, then his heart's probably in the right place. I'm in agreement with almost all of what he says.

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    Pistology, "radical right wingers" want nothing from the government, especially a new bureaucracy. Way to play right into the liberal stereotype of gun owners being nutjobs. The only thing missing from your post was the word "teabagger."

    I like Karl Malone, but if he thinks guns aren't meant for personal protection why the heck does he keep a gun in his car?

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    Political labels are sticky wickets and you're right to avoid them.
    I had an image of regimes mandating all their citizens to train in weapons at hand to stand against enemies of their totalitarian dictator du jour.

    History proves that this is not beyond those who seek to control the economy and personal liberties - call them what you will.

    I just don't think that I owe the enjoyment of my rights to any politcal faction but only to the U.S. Constitution and those that defend it on my behalf.
    The point is that we are individuals before we are members of any political group.

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    2 things here:

    1) Driving is a privilege, owning a firearm is a right.

    2) I own one for protection because I don't make 5 million dollars per season with bonuses for reaching the playoffs. I don't live in a gated community, I live on a regular street where the police are minutes away when seconds count....

    Thats why I carry.
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    Personally, when I hear someone say gun ownership is a privilege I think "only in that many people in the world don't have the privilege to exercise their right." Let's face it. All humans have the right to self-protection. It just not as self-evident to them as it is to those of us who's culture started with that thought.
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    If I had Malone's money I probably couldn't understand why anyone would carry a gun. That's what gun bearers are for.
    Would that be in a SHERPA holster?

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    [QUOTE=Pete14;1444091][QUOTE=paul34;1443808]And, the real kicker - that firearms ownership is a "privilege" - no it is most certainly NOT! It is an inalienable and self-evident RIGHT

    Not if you commit a felony! I agree with him (for your safety and mine).
    +1 I was about to say the same. Some people don t need them. They give responsible people a bad name.
    Why Would A Preacher ever need a Gun? Its Not for the Sheep , its for the Wolves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    The thing is, I believe it should be mandatory training taught for free instead of having to pay for a class. If the government requires the training, the government should provide the training.

    Um, nothing is free. Where do you get the idea. A. That the government should be the teacher, and B. Anything the government does is free?
    I know you mean, "free to me." but that money had to be confiscated from someone who earned it.

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    When I was in Utah, I took all the necessary training with the gun and had my concealed-weapons permit, and I'll be the first to tell you I don't go anywhere in my vehicle without my weapon...
    ...that person's only thinking about another confrontation. The people who get threatened or cut off in their car and think about their guns are the people who don't need a gun...
    ...The big picture is that guns won't protect you. If someone really wanted to get you, they would. If you still feel you need that protection, get yourself a bodyguard who knows the rules and knows the laws. How about you do all of that before you even consider having a gun? For you to say you need a gun for your protection? My goodness gracious, how are you living that you need that? I don't know where all these guys grew up, or who wants to do something to them, but be honest about why you want it. If you need a gun for that, that's for all the wrong reasons and something bad will come from it.
    No disrespect to Karl Malone or the NRA, but...

    * Karl Malone directly contradicts his own position statements within a paragraph of each other.

    Additionally Mr. Malone does not seem to be aware of how the real world works for much of his fellow athletes which has been widely reported across the NBA, NFL and other major sporting organizations too including as in a big way by SI competitor ESPN Magazine; Living Scared - ESPN The Magazine.

    Mr. Malone seems to be unaware of how life and living very often goes for much of the population including that of his own fellow players.
    he would have been best to singularly address the Arena's issue on it's own which was as by all standards wrong.

    * The National Rifle Association needs to much better vet and select it's representatives and those it gets behind to espouse it's organizational beliefs and positions.

    Jim Zumbo and now this. What's next, Joe 'Pro-Gun' Biden to be announced as a 'spokesperson' or representative too?
    Funny thing is, before today seeing this thread I'd had zero idea that Karl Malone was in any way associated to the NRA much less as being a 'spokesperson' for them!
    Why have I NEVER EVER in life seen an NRA advertisement of any sort never mind mention of hey we've picked up this guy or that gal as a spokesperson in culturally specific magazines such as Ebony, Jet, or Black Enterprise. Magazines I have been reading since I first learned to read and are located in _every_ Black owned or supported barber shop and salon in the United States of America.
    It cannot be said it's because Earl Graves, Jr. won't take their money either, as the Graves family are nothing but all about business and will take any coin which has been proven by history past to current.

    Karl Malone and by extension the NRA, as Malone brought their name into the mix, both have eggs on their face.

    - Janq carrys and does so into buildings, and yet does not live a questionable lifestyle
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    When I was in Utah, I took all the necessary training with the gun and had my concealed-weapons permit, and I'll be the first to tell you I don't go anywhere in my vehicle without my weapon, but at no point has it ever occurred to me to take it inside anywhere, let alone an arena.

    Sounds like he is giving someone an opportunity to pick up a real nice firearm while he is inside somewhere.
    The Second Amendment ...... Because crime SHOULD be a hazardous occupation.

    If you want to piss off a conservative, lie to him.
    If you want to piss off a liberal, tell him the truth.

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    He did one of those "I'm the NRA" magazine ads.

    unrelated pic from ESPN:

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