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Has anyone here read "Freakonomics"? The reason crime dropped around 1995 is the Roe v. Wade decision. Mothers in socio-economic groups most predisposed to having kids who become criminals, had abortions. FBI crime stats record crimes committed by people 18 and up. So, starting 18 years after Roe v.Wade, crime dropped, because fewer criminals were on the street. Clinton claimed initiative to put more cops on the street did it. Nope. He took credit for something years earlier.

Correlate gun purchases to crime rates for the last ten years or so. Brady is full of it...
I think the most prudent interpretation of the drop in crime rates isn't necessarily that the single factor of the liberalization of gun laws precipitated that result; rather, we can conclude, with significant confidence (in my humble opinion), that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens do not increase crime in general whatsoever. A major anti-gun argument is that more guns = more crime, no matter what. However, if more guns do not necessarily reduce crime, but definitely do not increase it, there is no rational basis on which to propose the reduction of legal gun ownership - or to effect laws which purport to disarm criminals, but attempt to do so by impeding the law abiding.

i still have yet to read Freakonomics... one of these days I will get through my other reading and buy that book, heh.