Students form militia, want to carry.

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Thread: Students form militia, want to carry.

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    Students form militia, want to carry.

    Saw this on FoxNews tonight.

    Very cool.

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    Only thing I think unfortunate is choice of word ''militia'' - IMO it conveys the wrong message and almost for sure will yank chains.

    Much about the idea is good and useful but I see a number of pitfalls - not that I can see such a scheme as being perfect to all who might consider it.
    A student militia would act as a 24-7 "watchdog group" to guard against police abuses, the student leaders say. Cameras, rather than shotguns, would be the principle weapons, they say.
    I rather fear some might see this as vigilantiism, if shotties factored in and the ''police abuses'' aspect is worrysome from both sides of the fence.

    Of course if all was constitutional any or all students of age and clean record should be able to carry anyways - but this notion has some elements of potential elitism - perhaps?

    Just not sure about several angles.
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    Interesting. Not sure what I think of it yet. I'll have to spend a little time processing this.
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    It's a shame that the term "militia" now has such negative connotations....I watched "Last of the Mohicans" for the umpteenth time where the Colonial Militia (a.k.a., the good guys) were mentioned various times.
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    So, the purpose of them carrying shotguns around campus is to is to stop "years of general abuse by administrators, campus and local police toward students - including profiling and illegal searches "?

    It doesn't sound to me like their intention is to defend themselves against violence, it sounds like they are going to confront the administration and police with an armed response to attempts of "profiling" and "illegally searching" them. It appears to me I may be missing something here, but not sure where....
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Only thing I think unfortunate is choice of word ''militia'' - IMO it conveys the wrong message and almost for sure will yank chains.
    I keep wondering when the hammer is going to fall, I'm the current President of the Maryland Militia! Of course this is a historical group that does reenactments of the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

    But I know there is a piece of paper someplace stating the fact........ and someday the FBI, well.......

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    "People think this is a hippie-liberal campus, but it's really not,"
    Ummm...Thats news to me
    The students say they believe the militia movement isn't limited to SUNY New Paltz; they've already received inquiries about it from students at SUNY Potsdam.
    LOL...Potsdam IS a "hippie-liberal campus"

    I would be suprised to see students alowed to carry shotguns on a S.U.N.Y. campus. Or any N.Y.S. student campus withought being arrested, posibly with some "student-abuse" . I think these 21 "near-passifists" have their heads deeply imbeded in their behind.

    Dont get me wrong. I support defending your rights, but these kids are living in a fantasy world.

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    Police shouldn't be violating the Constitution. That's obvious. If there is a problem the officers need to be fired.

    The proposed solution in this case is just asking for somebody to get shot. A couple of hotheaded students will more than likely walk up on a situation to which they don't know the full details and try to intervene.
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