I recently sent an email to Jerry Knowles, Representative for Schuylkill County in the PA House of Representatives regarding my concerns about maintaining gun rights in PA. I recieved a letter back today in which he said the following:

"As you know, last year Governor Rendell proposed several measures that would create stricter handgun laws in Pennsylvania. This package was debated and discussed in the General Assembly, but nothing was approved."
"I am an opponent of legislation that would enact further unreasonable controls on law-abiding gun owners. Pennsylvania has a fairly restrictive set of gun laws and regulations. Given these laws, I intend to review any gun control proposals with careful scrutiny and to oppose what seems to be unreasonable control of a law-abiding individual's right to lawfully possess and use firearms."

I was very please with how responsive Representative Knowles was, and it seems that his positions are good ones. He also included a handwritten note at the end of the typed letter saying "PS I agree with you completely"

For anyone else in this area who would like to share their views with him, his email address is jknowles@pahousegop.com