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I have a problem believing that the Government is out to take (besides a minor majorityof politician wackos that think this way) or has the ability to take our weapons. Is this the same government that couldn't even organize a good relief effort in New Orleans (very tiny compared to taking guns) or the same country that thought that Saddam had WMD (that we are still looking for i suppose) right before we attacked it or the same country that can't find one man (Bin Laden) but we the people (some not all) believe that they can come and get our guns. I am not naive nor am I paranoid I just don't think it can happen and "no" the gun confiscation in Germany was not even close to what this task would be for a government that is in debt and would have a hard time justifying spending alot of money on gun confiscation to we the people. I think that the american people have learned from confiscations in history (Stalin/Hitler) and would never let it happen. Please help me understand?

I want to point one thing to you in all of this if I may. The folks in charge during most of what you have listed above did not want to take away our weapons while this was going on. The folks in charge now would love to do it, there is a difference, those folks back then might have been inept at things, but they were pro-gun, the folks today might be inept at things, but they are anti-gun.