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Starbucks Allows Open Carry, Brady Campaign Whines

This is a discussion on Starbucks Allows Open Carry, Brady Campaign Whines within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My daughter loves their cider and pastries, perhaps the next time I am in Bentonville AR. I will have to let her buy the old ...

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Thread: Starbucks Allows Open Carry, Brady Campaign Whines

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    My daughter loves their cider and pastries, perhaps the next time I am in Bentonville AR. I will have to let her buy the old man a drink.

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    Just created an account so I could leave a note on the Starbucks web message board. Hope it helps instead of hurts, but I want them to know they will be gaining a half dozen customers just based on my recommendation! :)

    My Starbucks Idea Posting
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down & lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, & may posterity forget you were countrymen.

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    Hate their coffee...but LOVE their principles!!
    Maybe I'll suck it up and pay my "local" a visit...just to say "Thanks!"

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    I guess they haven't heard of WalMart's policies...
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

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    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    I guess they haven't heard of WalMart's policies...
    Probably not, but neither have some of Walmart's managers so it would not surprise me. Gonna try to get in one tommorrow.

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    Paul Helmke wasn't smart enough to be a good lawyer, so he became a politician (mayor of Ft.Wayne), wasn't smart enough for that either, appears to be smart enough for The Brady Campaign.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    End the cycle of hatred, don’t give them a tomorrow."

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    Brady Campaign Wants Guns Out of Starbucks

    National Gun-Control Organization Circulates Petition After Gun-Carrying Group Holds Demonstrations in California

    Brady Campaign Wants Guns Out of Starbucks - CBS News

    (CBS) A national pro-gun-control organization wants Starbucks to take a firm stance on whether it allows customers to carry unconcealed firearms in its stores.

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence wants its members to sign a petition telling the international coffee company to keep guns out of its locations, according to The Seattle Times. The petition has more than 15,000 signatures, the newspaper reported.

    The petition serves as a response to recent demonstrations organized by a group called, which describes itself as "a pro-gun Internet community focused on the right to openly carry properly holstered handguns in daily American life."

    The group has held demonstrations at California Pizza Kitchen, Peet's Coffee and Starbucks locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Brady spokesman told the newspaper. California Pizza Kitchen and Peet's Coffee told the San Francisco Chronicle that only law-enforcement officers may carry guns in their stores.

    Starbucks hasn't taken a definitive stance on the issue. In a written statement, the company told The Seattle Times, "For Starbucks, the safety of our customers and partners is our paramount concern. We have existing security protocols in place to handle situations related to safety in our stores. We will continue to adhere closely to local, state and federal laws and the counsel of law enforcement regarding this issue."

    Washington state, the Times notes, allows residents to carry unconcealed weapons, so just adhering to state law would allow Starbucks regulars in the Evergreen State to carry guns in its stores.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch; Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
    -- Benjamin Franklin

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    apparently Starbucks has basically said they are going to follow whatever the local regs are - i.e., they're not going to put up any extra "no guns" sign. Good for them, and a slap in the face of the Bradies.

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    since Starbucks is international it would be a handful to make special efforts posting stuff here but not there...

    The Brady bunch needs to lay off the caffine.

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    My wife works at Starbucks. She's pointed out that, if they were to ban guns from their stores, many of her regulars would stop coming to her store. I OC in there and no one notices or cares, at all; or, if they do, they don't let on.
    - Tom
    You have the power to donate life.

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    Keep up the good work, Starbucks!!!!
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    Starbucks ROCKS!

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    Starbuck's Coffee Still Sucks...

    i found myself in downtown Scranton earlier today, job hunting, again. it's an even bigger pain in the rear end now that my van isn't road worthy. a spent a few hours, walking around, filling out applications, giving out copies of my resume, and all the other crap people do when looking for work. around 11:30ish, i was near the Steamtown Mall. i was, cold, i was tired, and i figured, why not? Starbuck's was just in the news, and allegedly, they refuse to bow to the Brady's Campaign's demands. that should be worth something.

    "what can i help you with today?" chirped the girl behind the counter.

    "um, i dunno. do you make regular coffee?"


    "regular coffee. not all that mocha-latte-decaf-soy-chino stuff. seriously, i just want a cup of coffee without reading a menu," i laughed, motioning to the boards on the wall behind her.

    she laughed, and said, "sure, we can do that. small coffee?"

    "that'll do."

    i took my coat off, and put it on the back of a chair. i grabbed my cup, and headed on over to the milk and sugar dispensary. a middle aged woman, with expensive shoes and extensive botox, saw my gun, and with a look of shock and disgust, flung her coffee into the trash, and stomped out. i shrugged, and sat down.

    i sat for a few minutes, reading the Electric City (a local free events paper) on the table. a friend of mine walked in, saw me, and we chatted for a few minutes.

    "since when do you drink Starbuck's? i thought you hated their coffee?"

    "i do; it sucks. but, since they support my own policies, i guess i should help support their business." i explained the incidents in CA, and the subsequent events that led me to buy a cup of Starbuck's craptastic coffee. we chatted about other things then; kids, work, exes, and so on. i gave her my new phone number, and she left.

    i was nearly done with my coffee, when a middle aged man approached me. "i don't think you're supposed to have that in here," he whispered.

    "why wouldn't i?"

    "well, there's a sign on the mall entrance; it says no guns."

    "oh? well, i didn't see any sign. that's probably because i didn't go in the mall; i used the Starbuck's entrance."

    "but, the coffee shop's in the mall. wouldn't the rules apply here?"

    "i dunno, and i'm not concerned, for a couple of reasons."

    "really? why?"

    "well, Starbuck's corporate policy is to follow state law as it applies to carrying firearms. and, since it's legal to carry a gun in PA, Starbuck's allows it in their stores. if they wanted me to leave, they can ask me to, but i doubt they will."

    "you seem pretty sure of that."

    "why would they ask me? i'm not bothering anyone."

    "well, that could scare some people. have you ever thought about that?"

    "you're not scared."

    "how do you know that?"

    "buddy, if you were scared, you would've called the police."

    "well, i still don't think it's a good idea."

    "well, i don't expect you to. the only thing i expect is to be left alone when i'm having a cup of coffee, whilst bothering no one," i nodded, taking a sip of my coffee. he took the hint, and left.

    truth be told, i'm not really sure what rules would apply to the Starbuck's in the mall. the mall is owned by Penseco Realty, and they have a no-guns policy. but, if the space is rented out by Starbuck's, would their own rules apply, overriding any corporate anti-gun policy Penseco might have?

    i dunno. alls i know is, the coffee still tastes like crap, no matter how much Freedom it's flavored with. but, one cup of crap a week won't kill me, or my wallet.

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    I went to a college with plenty of Liberals who were shocked to find out back home I had "THREE GUNS in my house"... which got an even more shocked tone when I went, no those only the rifle, pistol, shotgun in my room. The logic is you must be a crazed lunatic for wanting guns. I have yet to get a concealed carry because I'm looking for jobs figure it would be easier to do once I get settled, in a free state.

    I found the list referenced in one of the anti gun links

    Funny because it had the shooert from Fort Hood on it because he used personal guns, but to me it proves that we can't even trust the military to keep us safe. I'm not in the military but i would believe that given his rank, he could have went into the armory and requested firearms (anyone able to confirm or deny?).

    I work at a Speedway in OHIO as a cashier, a few people have randomly came in open carrying and Ill make small talk. I mentioned it was weird that people were willing to open carry to a co-manager and he freaked out and asked did I call the cops. Then we got into a debate about how I knew open carry was legal in Ohio, and can be done without a permit as long as your not in vehicle. He didn't believe me till he goggled it and read the laws. As an employee I can be fired for having a weapon, but even if they make a policy against handguns, I certainly won't enforce it, unless you come wave it in my face and ask for the money.

    I guess in summary, People want you to believe what they believe, we want anti-gun to leave us alone. They want us to be defenseless or join the military. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and I haven't heard of many people with concealed carry going on rampages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nasal View Post
    In an e-mail message sent out this week, Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke laments that, “Starbucks is refusing to prohibit open carrying in its stores, despite protests from loyal customers."[/i]
    Good thing I'm a Dunkin Donuts coffee kind of guy.
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