Delayed Background Check?

Delayed Background Check?

This is a discussion on Delayed Background Check? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Not sure if this is really a big deal, but its buggin the crap out of me. Went to cabela's the other day to pick ...

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Thread: Delayed Background Check?

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    Delayed Background Check?

    Not sure if this is really a big deal, but its buggin the crap out of me.
    Went to cabela's the other day to pick up my new XD45 and when the background check came through, I was put on "Delay" for five business days in which they could tell cabela's not to sell me my gun. I have NO felony's or even remotely close to being the dangerous type, I did however open a new bank account in the last week with the mailing address at my current apartment rather my permanent address. That could be the hiccup right there. Any one got any insight on this?

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    I can't see how that would play into this. The background check is just to see if you have warrants or a felonious record, doesn't it? As long as your ID reflects your residence, I don't see the problem.
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    To OP,

    I would believe it to be your original thought, Apt, vs permanent res.

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    Do you have a common name? e.g. John Brown, Bob Smith.

    Common names always slow down the system.
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    Did you include your social?

    If not, they could have easily keyed in on a similar name.

    If so, your guess is as good as mine.
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    I had that happen to me about a month ago. Same deal here, no felonies, same address for 15 years, not even a speeding ticket; plus I have an unusal last name. The sales guy told me that the last year or so about 10% of folks get put on a delay. He seems to think its a random extra search that the FBI is doing.

    He asked me how many firearms I had bought in the last 6 months and this purchase was my 4th. Don't think that would have triggered it though.

    I did get cleared after 2 business days when originally they told me 5.

    Not that big of a deal except for I bought it from a dealer 150 miles away and had to make 2 trips. So much for the great price after spending 70 bucks in fuel.:tired

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