We've been offering this for a few months but I don't think I ever posted it on DC.

If you have issues with your mounting hardware loosening over time on your SHTF Gear Holster, contact me here http://www.shtfgear.com/index.php?ro...mation/contact and I"ll provide you a code that allows you to get a complete set of our new hardware for free. The new hardware comes on the majority of new holsters that we ship and works great (current holsters are pre-cut to allow you to reposition the t-nut without chewing up the leather). The current hardware can be installed on the original backers, and while it does take a bit of effort, people have been really happy with the results (I haven't had to re tighten mine since I installed it several months ago).

I just want to clarify, this applies to ALL previous SHTF Gear holsters we have shipped without the second generation hardware so please don't hesitate to contact us for a free replacement.