I'm happy to announce that we are finally selling our second generation of our Horizontal Magazine Carrier! Check it out here http://www.shtfgear.com/extras/SHTFGEAR-HMC

Our second generation Horizontal Magazine Carrier, or HMC, ensures that an extra magazine is within easy reach at all times. the HMC is specifically designed for the needs of concealed carry with a primary focus being CONCEALED. Our mag carrier mounts horizontally to the outside of your belt for unmatched comfort.

-Horizontal Positioning
Low profile and won't suffer from pressure points when seated
-Dual Belt Straps
Body-hugging design ensures stability and keep the magazine tight against your body and is easy to put on
-Velcro Flap Closure
Secures the magazine and provides 95% visual coverage of the magazine
-Depth adjustment Screw (HMC-2 and HMC-3)
Allows the carrier to work properly with compact magazines
-Proudly made in the USA
-Available in 3 sizes to fit your magazines
HMC-1 for .380 ACP and smaller
HMC-2 for single stack 9mm/40/45
HMC-3 for double-stacked 9mm/40/357Sig