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This is a discussion on Night stand gun within the Sponsor Buy, Sell & Trade forums, part of the Marketplace category; Originally Posted by GunGeezer Before I undress for bed, I remove my pocket carry gun and place it on the night stand. But if needed, ...

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Thread: Night stand gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunGeezer View Post
    Before I undress for bed, I remove my pocket carry gun and place it on the night stand. But if needed, I reach for my Mossberg Home Defense Tactical shotgun loaded with 00 buck on it's mattress rack within easy reach. If I need to shoot, I'm not waiting to put on my glasses. I just aim west.
    Not shooting any long rifles in my house don't want to kill any neighbors by mistake. I was always wondering how and why people use long rifles as self defense night time weapons, dangerous, not practical, a legal nightmare...

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    Ruger P90 .45 right next to me with an extra mag as well as a Kabar and my Glock 27 in a box on the floor

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    XD-357sig sets in the headboard, Mosburg 20 Ga behind bedroom door
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    The idea of the reflective tape on mags is a good one I did it for years with mine as a Police Officer it all depends on you however we used reflective tape not glow in the dark. We mainly did it so we could find our mags should we reload during a firefight or on the range.

    My "nightstand" gun is ussually on the floor beside the bed as stated earlier. My hand can simply fall to it or I simply roll off to it. Again to each his own I prefer a WML on my handguns I simply don't put my finger on the trigger. I was taught years ago where the light goes the muzzle goes but that is me. Last time I was home I used an M&P .45 with a threaded barrel, night sights, M3 light and an extended 13 round mag as my nightstand gun and normally did not ever carry it outside the house.

    As far as the comment about shooting long guns in the house. It has been found that a 9mm HP will and can, generally speaking, penetrate more than a 5.56 round in interior walls. The rifle round generally will come apart when it hits an object due to its velocity whereas the HP cavity will/can simply fill with material and take on the characteristics of a FMJ round and pentrate further.

    The long gun user stated he was going to grab a shotgun I do believe which is more than enough for home defense and could/would not pose a danger to the house next door using standard ammunition. It probably would not be the best choice for an apartment with your neighbor on the other side of the wall but neither would any type firearm for that matter.
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    I like your idea & think I'll use a slightly modified version of it. I've got a .45ACP 1911A1 and a .44 SPL 24-3 on the nightstand shelf, along with spare mags and speedloaders. I don't have trouble finding the guns, but the reloads are a different story! Think I'll mark 'em to prevent a "group grope" in a tight spot.
    Thanks for sharing ideas.
    BTW, I'll pass along why I have both an auto and a revolver on the nightstand. The revolver is my "go check the noise in the house" gun. The auto is first line for perceived threat, i.e. hearing the door get kicked in or a window get shattered. I shoot either with equal facility but reload the auto much more smoothly. In all likelihood, I'd grab both in an obvious emergency and use the .44 as a "New York reload," while counting on my wife to "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition." :-)

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    I just picked up a Glock 22 and that is my new home defense/nightstand gun. previously it was my glock 26 which is also my carry gun. Now the G22 only leaves the house for range time. looking into getting trijicon night sights for it as well as a Glock light/laser combo, or a viridian laser...which would you recommend

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    Gen 3 G22 and 2 15 round mags loaded with Winchester PDX1. Sometimes accompanied by my G26.

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    Since I have children in the house. All of my guns are packed in a v-line safe under my alarm clock on the night stand.

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    You don't need to know
    Muscle memory

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    I know this doesn't fit the safe and secure requirement, but I struggled to reach for the pistol which I kept just under the bed. My solution was inexpensive since I had all the stuff laying around. Things worked out well since I'm a lefty, sleep on the left side and had an old holster. One old Bianchi holster, a piece of aluminum stock through the belt loop fastened to a long length of plywood and ten minutes. Perfect, rides close and tight, easy to grab, never moves and covers with the bed spread. Of course when the grandkids are here the guns removed.

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    Right now my EDC is my nightstand gun. The Trijis provide enough illumination for me to find the ole girl in the dark when I really need her. I also have a tac light near-by. In the future, I'd like to have a G20 w/night sights - it's my "dream" nightstand gun. I also have my eye on a 3 cell Elzetta (CS3D or CS3S) that I'd like to have for the sole purpose of being a nightstand light. The 3 cell body makes it a good fit for the hand that will reinforce my fist if I'm ever forced to use it in such a manner. The crenellated bezel could come in handy for CQB also but I'd rather not come into direct contact with blood if I can help it.

    While I'm thinking about about it, maybe I need two lights; one with tac beam and one with flood. Tac beam provides standard duty for HD and the flood beam is a good all around light to have for when the power goes off.

    Nothing like having the right tool for the right job.

    I just realized that his is an old thread and I believe I've already commented, etc. The light info is new, however, so I'm going to keep it in place as stands.

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    Smith Governor hanging on bedpost...Mossy BullPup within arm's reach

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    lcp in nightstand drawer with a flashlight
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    Like the idea of the tape. Could be handy for some situations.


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    Glock 27 sits on top of the gun safe, which I managed to talk my wife into letting me put in the bedroom. There is nothing that I like more than looking up and seeing my Trijicons glowing at me. Makes me feel good inside! I have a young child so the nightstand is not an option, I can't take the risk of him finding it before I can put it away. I keep it all locked up during the day and always look for the glow before I nod off. I love the idea of the tape!

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