We have up the Ruger LCP. We have all three variants available. The base LCP with no laser accessory, the LCP with the Lasermax accessory installed, and the LCP with Crimson Trace equipped with the grip pressure accessory installed. In many discussions the Lasermax laser has been criticized for not being quite as bright and operating with a pulsing laser beam, but it is much more affordable than the Crimson Trace version. The same discussions have hailed the Crimson Trace model as a brighter, and more User friendly model if you are looking for the laser addition. The good news is that no matter how you spin it the Ruger LCP is a reliable, easily concealable, close quarters personal defense weapon. Pick one up at T & Z Armory - Affordable guns, accessories, and professional DuraCoat firearm refinishing. today, this deal starts at $289 and all of these are new in the box!

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