More Blade-Tech Holsters. More options for you to choose from for you USP Compact 9mm, .40 or .45 Pistol. Left and Right Hand Shooter Holsters available. In stock and shipping same day!

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HK USPC 45 Eclipse OWB Holster - Right $69.95:
Blade-Tech HK USP45 Compact Eclipse OWB Holster, HK Eclipse Holster, - HKPARTS.NET

HK USPC 9mm & .40 OWB Holster - Left $64.95:
Blade-Tech HK USPC 40 OWB Holster - HKPARTS.NET

HK USPC 45 OWB Holster - Left $64.95:
Blade-Tech HK USPC 45 OWB Holster - HKPARTS.NET

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