For Sale: Hot Pink Glock 19 Gen3 9mm Pistol

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Thread: For Sale: Hot Pink Glock 19 Gen3 9mm Pistol

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    For Sale: Hot Pink Glock 19 Gen3 9mm Pistol

    For Sale: Just DuraCoated - Hot Pink Glock 19 Gen3 9mm Pistol for $639.99 + shipping (usually between $20 to $30). We can apply this finish to almost any firearm in our inventory as well as in yours. Please contact me with any questions or to make a purchase!

    Mike Pelini
    T&Z Armory Inc.

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    Giving this a bump so others can see...
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    That' pink
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    ...and that's really an expensive pistol. Is it pink diamonds?
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    I dig it!

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    They posted that same gun the other day.

    Guess they didn't get very many orders - I wonder why????
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerJ View Post
    ...and that's really an expensive pistol. Is it pink diamonds?
    Didn't you hear? The price of duracoat when up from $35 to $225.

    (Well it must have for a Glock to cost that much!)
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    I think that if they Duracoat it back to another color it might sell a bit faster. Each to their own, I wouldn't want a gun that color. Does it come with sunglasses?
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    That is Barbie pink through and through.

    -from my phone... excuse spelling
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    If that came from a divorce Barbie then Ken was a sissie. Proof is the color of the gun. Divorce Barbies come with all Ken's stuff.
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    I suppose there's a market for this sot of thing and I don't mean to be offensive, but that color makes it look like a cheap toy. JMHO.

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    Now now, new minds, fresh ideas. be tolerant. I know some ladies that would love to have that color gun. Just not at that price.

    That said the color makes me want to rip someones throat out
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    i need earplugs to look at that thing.
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