New to inventory! HK USP Compact 45 G2 WRS Level 2 Duty Holster Right Hand. This Holster is just like the regular Level 2 Duty Holster but with a different belt attachment, G2, and a Break Block. The WRS feature allows the user to re-holster their weapon and lock it down with level 2 security quickly and easily by simply rotating the hood back to the locked, upright position.
•The G2 Belt Attachment is designed for LEO use and is the best attachment Blade-Tech offers for that platform.
•The Break Block is a "Weapon Retention Guard" to help prevent a gun grab from the level 2 WRS Holster. It is an added level of security to protect the release mechanism.

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HK USPC 45 WRS Level 2 Duty G2 Holster - Right $119.95:
Blade-Tech HK USP45 Compact WRS Level 2 Duty D/OS ASR Holster, HK WRS D/OS ASR Holster, HK USPC45 WRS Level 2 Duty Holster, HKUSPC45 WRS Holster - HKPARTS.NET

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