The Level 2 DUTY HOLSTER was designed with a traditional style thumb break. The thumb break has proven to be a longtime favorite Level 2 retention design and has served many generations of Law Enforcement and Military personnel over the past decades.
•Positive Lock Trigger Guard with a Level 1 Friction Fit with an adjustable tension screw.
•HK Parts Exclusive design with a built in sight channel that will accommodate all standard height and raised tactical sights for suppressor, RMR, adjustable sights use.
•HK Parts Exclusive design that features a built in barrel channel to allow clearance for extended barrels (Tactical barrels)as well as the standard barrel lengths. This is a one size fits all barrels model.
•With Adjustable Sting Ray Loop.
•Adjustable for 3 different cants.

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HK Mark 23 Level 2 Duty Holster - Right $114.95:
Blade-Tech HK Mark 23 Level 2 Duty ASR Holster, HK holster, HKMark 23 Level 2 Duty - HKPARTS.NET

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