Each barrel is finely and painstakingly made from ordnance grade steel, heat treated and finished in the ultra- desirable nitride finish. This is the finest replacement barrel available for the HK P30 9mm pistol. The perfect barrel to use as a spare or for replacement parts. Each P30 barrel is a drop in replacement for your HK P30 9mm pistol.

We only have a few of each left!
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P30 9mm Barrel- US $199.95:
HK P30 9mm Barrel

P30 9mm Tactical Threaded Barrel-1/2 X 28- US $239.95:
P30 tactical barrel 1/2 X 28

P30 9mm Tactical Threaded Barrel- 13.5 X1 LH- US $239.95:
P30 threaded barrel 13.5X1

P30L 9mm Barrel- US $199.95:
HK P30L Barrel

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