To make it easier for both buying and selling items through the forum,

  • Pictures should be available to a buyer/potential buyer, even if not actually posted (which we strongly recommend). If you prefer to email pictures rather than post them, you should unblock your email address to facilitate that process. You can either attach the pictures to a post, insert them with a link or host them elsewhere. As a buyer, remember it is your responsibility to be satisfied with an item's condition prior to buying.
  • Please post the price, terms, shipping arrangements, etc in the initial post.
  • Please do not "Bump" threads.
  • Please do not create a thread with a link to an eBay or Gunbroker auction you currently have running to sell an item. Sponsors are allowed to make guns and equipment available for purchase here, but we are not an announcement bulletin board.
  • Once the item(s) are no longer for sale, we would appreciate it if you would make a final post indicating the sale is closed and close the thread. Threads can be closed by the sponsor.
  • This forum is for sponsors to advertise items for sale and not to be used to discuss the merits of particular offers. Please restrict questions and comments to the item(s) being sold. Feel free to PM the original poster for more information. All unrelated posts interfering with the original poster's attempts to sell the items and will be removed without notice.
  • Posts made here do not increment a member's post count.