Integrated Threat Focused Training Systems in Starke, Florida

Dates: Oct 18th and 19th, 2008
Location: Bradford Sportsmen's Farm just outside Starke, Florida
Cost: $400-two days of training (9AM-5AM)
Ammo: approximately 2000 rounds of pistol ammo

Standard range and safety equipment
Belt or IWB Holster – you will be drawing from the holster much of the time
Concealment Garment
Optional: Bring your lunch – there are soda and candy machines on premise but restaurants are available about 10 minutes from the range

Hotels/motels are also reasonably close.

Skills that we'll be covering are:

One handed skills from approx. 4-6 feet:

Fairbairn/Sykes 1/4 hip [ retention as well as speed ]
Fairbairn/Sykes 1/2 hip
Quick Kill hip [ for two or more ]
Bump [ 1,2, or 3 to the body and one to the head, all from the hip ]
Shooting to your six 0'clock without turning to face the threat

One handed skills from approx. 7 out to 15 feet

[I]Fairbairn/Sykes 3/4 hip
Fairbairn/Sykes point shoulder
quick kill [ peripheral vision threat focused skill ]
Enhanced Peripheral Vision [ EPV ]training with two guns[/U]

Two handed peripheral vision skill:

Quick Kill from 15-60 feet

Sprint and Hit skills from both your strong and off side. You'll be able to sprint out of the kill zone and before finishing your second step get 3-4 rounds on threat.

If you are interested in this training, contact me at arizonaqkr "at" yahoo dot com. We are taking deposits of $100.00 to secure slots for this class.

These links will take you to reviews from past students across the country to give you an idea of the skills you'll learn that weekend.

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