High Intensity Training Schools are a new series of affordable one day classes aimed at those who want to know more about our training and methods. Often requiring no equipment, or less than you would need for the full classes, they are a good way to get your feet wet. These classes replace many of the previous one day "introduction" classes, and the curriculum has been refreshed.

These "HITS" classes do not fulfill prerequisites for intermediate or advanced classes. Suarez International envisions a society where every regular worker Joe and mommy Sue has at least a basic level of self-defense skills. These classes can take an absolute beginner and for very little cost, give them a foundation of skills and ideas that can carry them forward. We know not everybody can afford the time, and travel expenses of a $400 to $800 dollar two day training class with full gear and hundreds of expensive rounds shot on the range. If you can do nothing else, take a HITS class near you! These classes are discounted if you buy more than one at a time!

Check out the upcoming HITS courses here.