I liken FOF to Red Flag and Top Gun. It gives you a chance to gain experience, both winning and losing, that would be, shall we say, problematic getting on your own. It was determined during WWII that a fighter pilot that survived the first ten missions had a very good chance of living through the whole war. FOF provides us those 'missions' that will increase our chances of surviving the very short war that will be the encounter with an armed criminal.

This class will give you the building blocks and help you structure the encounter all the way from the point where you see something that may happen through to the end of the after action procedure and points in between and throughout. It is the kind of class that you can gain from every time you take it, and indeed is a good one to take periodically because of the changes that occur not just to the class itself, but to the threats we design the class to address. No experience required, just the Airsoft gun and the BBs and the protective gear and a wish to learn how to live and win. We'll give you the rest.

Rick Klopp is one of the finest instructors I have ever encountered who will provide analysis, background, and flexibility of approach to his instruction that will greatly reward your investment. If you want a cookie-cuttered-menu-driven approach to training, don't expect it from him or anyone in SI. If you want realistic, flexible, current, immediately applicable instruction about how to win fights, come and train with us.