November 9-10, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia
Instructor: Randy Harris / Scott Vandiver
Price $450

This class is like NOTHING you have ever seen before. Conventional wisdom is that most criminal assaults take place in low light. But there is a difference between "low light house clearing" at gun school against paper targets and reacting to a REAL criminal assault when the bad guys are real and they don't just stand still waiting to be shot.

This class will cover the full spectrum of subjects operating in low light to no light, SMART use of flashlight , point shooting to deal with close targets without a flashlight to dealing with far targets using the pistol in conjunction with the light. You'll see just how much light you need to ID a target and just how little light you need to hit what you are aiming at. You'll learn alternative force methods using the light to misdirect and hide your attack and use of the light as a weapon itself.

This is not just tired old rehashed 1980 era SWAT or MIlitary tactics. We set out to create a cutting edge class by taking the best of LE , Mil and civilian low light training, filtered it , pressure tested it and kept only the very best material and threw out the rest. This class is like NOTHING you have ever seen before.
We must point out that THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR THE NOVICE SHOOTER. If you have not received basic instruction, or have a question about your skill level, please call us first.

DURATION: 2 days
TIME: 5:00PM to 12:00AM
PREREQUISITES: Equivalent to Defensive Pistol Skills or higher. This is not a beginner course.
AMMUNITION: Approx. 600 rounds (Pistol)
Spare clothing appropriate to the weather, lunch/snacks and water (minimum of 1 gallon per person) for the entire day, baseball or other style hat, sun screen, bug repellent, allergy medication (if needed), chair (if you have a problem with sitting on the ground, note taking paper/pen/pencil and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape)

REQUIREMENTS: Modern Defensive Pistol, holster specifically made for that pistol and designed to be worn on the belt, 3 Magazines and Magazine Pouch, A Belt of the same width as the belt loops for the holster and magazine pouches, Range Safety Gear (Eye protection, and ear protection). Flashlight with a tail switch and spare batteries.

More info and to sign up ...............November 9-10, 2012 - Low Light Gunfighting - Atlanta, GA