Ladies, Gent's,

planning way ahead, working on my teaching calendar for next year. I've had several requests to bring Suarez-Classes back up to Sacramento Valley/Folsom.

Here's the rough outline:
February 16: Advanced Combat Rifle Marksmanship:
We'll work on shooting on the move - getting hits on an assailant while evading his attack. This course focuses on establishing solid techniques including weapon manipulations and transitioning to the sidearm if necessary - all while getting aggressively off the "X".

February 17-18: Advanced Rifle Gunfighting:

This is the most advanced live-fire rifle course that Suarez International offers. It takes the skills from Rifle Gunfighting and pushes them envelope as far as we can safely go with a live rifle. I taught rifle gunfighting at Folsom in 2011 and want to offer the opportunity to take your skills to the limit with the advanced course.
We'll speed up the evasive movement and work team drills as well as extreme Close-Quarters with the rifle. This includes using the rifle as an impact weapon or evading an incoming attack while fighting in a confined space such as a hallway.

Pencil this into your calendars and let me know by August 19 if you will be able to use this unique training opportunity. Follow the link above to check the After Action Review of the 2011 course.

Please post here or contact me directly if you have any questions.