I've been a member for years and now I'm a Site Sponsor. The Defensive Carry Forum has grown and added value every year.

I look forward to being a resource.

Tucker Update:
It used to be that Tucker and I did everything, just the two of us.
Now Tucker has help and so do I. (We couldn't handle it all.)

As a result, we're running 3-4 weeks on most IWB's and pancake holsters, running two months or less on HF1 and HF3 holsters, and we're down to 6-7 months on stamped holsters, belts and mag pouches.

The holsters people ask for most are the Cover Up, the Texas Heritage and the Answer IWB's. Pancake belt holsters and HF1 belt holsters are also bread and butter items.

When you call or email I'm the one who answers and I do my best to be prompt.

If you call you get a voice mail, but I'm paged so I know and I'll call you back the same day, often within minutes.

Let me know how I can improve my service.


Tucker Gunleather