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Your First Rimfire...?

This is a discussion on Your First Rimfire...? within the .22 Forum forums, part of the Related Topics category; My first 22LR was a brand new 1974 Winchester Model 190 semi-auto, tube magazine.....I topped it off with a Tasco 3x9 3/4" tube scope that ...

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Thread: Your First Rimfire...?

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    My first 22LR was a brand new 1974 Winchester Model 190 semi-auto, tube magazine.....I topped it off with a Tasco 3x9 3/4" tube scope that cost like 10 bucks new back then....felt like I was a rabbit sniping SOB....if a rabbit ever still for a second, it was a head shot....still have I have so many 22's I can't list em all.....LOVE THE 22LR
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    My first .22 was an H&R 9 shot revolver. Wish I kept it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSafety View Post
    My first .22 was an H&R 9 shot revolver. Wish I kept it.
    Wow! What a memory. The first handgun I ever shot was my Uncle's 9 shot .22 H&R revolver. I was living with my Uncle one summer in Superior, Wisconsin and playing baseball. He hired me and a teammate to do some work at his cabin. He let us shoot his H&R when we done with chores. It was a great shooter. I left for home at the end of the summer and the other kid stole my Uncle's gun! We were 14 years old. Nothing good ever happened to that kid - he spent many years behind bars - and the handgun was never returned.

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    Plain old 10/22 -love that little gun... bob

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    Marlin model 60, still got that rifle.

    Bet I've got 50K (or more) rounds through that thing.

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    Ruger MkII in SS with target sights and long barrel. Tack driver then and still one now. Love that weapon. Had one issue with it back in the days before the internet. Called them, they said send it on in and we'll look at it. I got it back in ~2 weeks with new grips and a note saying that the target grips were the problem (I installed them not Ruger) and they had fixed it and to enjoy my MkII - No Bill was included! Made a Ruger fan out of me (I was already a MkII fan).
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    My first 22 was a Remington model 512 that was my Dad's.
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    Don't know the model # but it was a single shot bolt action Winchester that had a knob on the rear of the bolt that you pulled back to cock it after chambering a round, it has a safety in front of the cocking knob that twisted to block it from moving forward to fire

    Ok looked it up , it was a Winchester model 67
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    First 22 was a JC Higgins single shot in 1963

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    This is a great thread. I love reading stories about how rimfire got people shooting. I especially like the stories of old rimfires from when it seems every house had a .22 rifle or revolver.

    After my Daisy pellet rifle, the .22 rifle was my first firearm. I ran through the woods with a Remington model 66. I have the brown nylon stock.
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    This H&R Model 700 .22 WMR. Bought back in 1983 and it does not have 500 rds through it. Nearly perfect. Still have it.

    Your First Rimfire...?-h-r_sm_1.jpg

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    My first rimfire is a Remington Speedmaster that I inherited from my brother. It's in the safe, I haven't shot it yet, but I did buy a scope for it. Someday...
    When my dad passed, I got his Walther PPK/s in .22, a Derringer .22 (High Standard?) and a Savage take apart .22 over 20Ga single shot break barrel with a leather carrying case.
    All of these were new in the early '70s.
    We used to shoot pellet guns in the early '70s in the back yard, but once in awhile dad would bring out the .22/20ga and let me shoot it. I was probably 10 years old or so. That 20ga had a lot of kick for a 10 year old.

    The first gun I bought was a S&W 686 6" in the mid '80s. (had it for a year before I told my parents about it) Back then, we could just walk out the back door and blast away as much as we could afford. Unfortunately, we started to get neighbors and the backyard shooting went away.


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