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Favorite semiautomatic .22 LR.

This is a discussion on Favorite semiautomatic .22 LR. within the .22 Forum forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have shot a fair majority of the semi-auto .22's currently out there. Some I was less than impressed with and others I liked enough ...

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Thread: Favorite semiautomatic .22 LR.

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    I have shot a fair majority of the semi-auto .22's currently out there. Some I was less than impressed with and others I liked enough to want to put cash toward them. The top four I have been most impressed with are as follows (not in order of importance):

    Ruger Mark Series (II, III)

    Ruger SR-22

    Smith and Wesson M&P 22 full size

    Browning Buckmark

    Yes it is true that the Ruger SR-22 does have an issue or two. Currently the issue I experience is it will fail to pick up the next round in the magazine during shooting. I have only experienced this with cheap bulk ammo. CCI mini mags have been flawless. I have also had this experience with the Ruger Mark series guns. My guess is that the powder charge has more variance in the cheaper ammo and some rounds don't have enough oomph to push the slide back far enough. This happened with properly maintenanced guns with proper lube. The Mark series even has the upgraded performance extractor installed. I believe it says more about the ammo than the actual guns.

    Ruger Mark II and III. In the end they ended up being nice guns. They took some tinkering to make them more reliable/enjoyable to shoot. I am a tinkerer and bought these knowing full well that they would be project guns. The Mark III required more modification than the Mark II. The Mark II has a better trigger out of the box than the Mark III. I took a stock Mark III 22/45 and did a complete custom job on it to make it exactly what I was looking for in a target pistol. It ended up being a $700+ gun when all was said and done. This was completely a matter of preference and because I like to tinker. The gun didn't require that to run right. For the Mark series guns I would recommend doing a magazine tuning (look at Rimfire Central forum for how to) and a Volquartsen exact edge performance extractor upgrade. Other than that they are good to go with some lube.

    The M&P22 I was very impressed by. Aside from than the Buckmark, the M&P 22 had the best trigger out of the box. It was also very easy to shoot and felt very ergonomic in the hand. The only reason I sold mine was due to the fact that I didn't like how the side finish wouldn't hold up in the ultrasonic cleaner with repeated cleanings. Otherwise I would still have it and do regret selling it.

    Browning Buckmark. What can I say that hasn't already been said about it? It is a solid gun and a very decent place to start. If you want a shooter right out of the box with no modifications required, this is it. Just make sure not to tighten the rear top strap screw too tight or you can cause malfunctions by adding friction to the top of the bolt. I would put a dab of loctite on that screw and just turn it until it is snug.
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    Hard to choose ....

    I have two: A Ruger MK II with 5.5" bull barrel and custom wooden grips. Better shooter than I am. Also have a Browning Buckmark, Ecliops SS, with black laminated grips, green fiber optic front sight, and polished stainless, slab sided bull barrel. Also a better shooter than I am.

    I still covet several other handguns, as well as a couple of rifles (covet, don't need). But I've had both these .22 pistols since 1978 (Ruger), and 2009 (Browning), and either one would will do anything I ask of it with ease. Can't recall even a misfire with either one. Only gripe is with the Mark II for teardown and re-assembly.

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    M&P 22 hands down. Eats whatever I feed it with never a single malfunction. And it's easy to strip.
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    S+W Victory with Tandemkross custom trigger, altamont grips, halo charging ring, compensator installed.

    Eats all my junk 22lr rounds, I've been using it to get rid of that stuff which will leave me with 55K rds. of Aguila 40 grain s/v.



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    My son has a MKII that has been a great pistol for well over 20 years and the two of us have had a lot of fun shooting it. It would be my favorite .22 pistol if I didn't like my Ruger Single Six so much (regular .22 cylinder and .22 mag cylinder). The Ruger 10/22 is my favorite .22 rifle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    S&W Model 41.
    I'd hardly classify that beauty as a plinker
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    I have two cheap pot-metal guns for 22 plinking: my Phoenix Arms HP-22A semiautomatic, and my Heritage Arms Smallbore SAA replica revolver with both 22lr/22mag cylinders. Each gun was less than $150 and they are reliable and accurate. Over a thousand rounds through each. If you just want a plinker and don't want to spend a lot, these are worth a look.
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    Ruger SR22 Owner

    I've owned a Ruger SR22 for about 4 years now and have had no reliability issues except when it was extremely dirty, then I would have several FTF issues at the range. Kept clean it operated faultlessly. I am very pleased with the operation and accuracy. Very fun to shoot and it doesn't cost a fortune. I use 40 gr. CCI maxi-mags.

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    Favorite semi-auto .22LR is a Daewoo (South Korean copy of the Walther PPK). Excellent quality and reliability (with any ammo I have tried), reasonably accurate to 50 feet (the max at my indoor range). Purchased it new for under $100 about 30 years ago. Haven't seen another one since (although I have seen other Daewoo models).

    For fishing and hunting trips I always have my old S&W Model 34 (J-frame, round butt, 2" barrel, adjustable sights) .22 revolver in my vest pocket, along with a box of .22LR ammo in another pocket. I have taken more cottontails, snowshoe hares, and grouse for the dinner pot with that little revolver than I can remember. I know that I would never starve to death in the woods!

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    Rifle is a Ruger 10/22 sporter and pistol is a High Standard Victor with military grip.
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    Only .22 pistol I own is a Browning Buckmark. Very easy to shoot and very accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piton View Post
    I've owned a Ruger SR22 for about 4 years now and have had no reliability issues except when it was extremely dirty, then I would have several FTF issues at the range. Kept clean it operated faultlessly. I am very pleased with the operation and accuracy. Very fun to shoot and it doesn't cost a fortune. I use 40 gr. CCI maxi-mags.
    As long as you stick with ammo your gun "likes." you're at an advantage. However, .22 ammo in general is dirty, so keep your chamber clean. Fouling in the bore is less of an impediment to accuracy than a crudded-up chamber is to reliability. Every couple of hundred rounds, give your chamber a good scrub with a brush and solvent, followed with clean patches.
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    Years ago I came perilously close to purchasing a Browning Buckmark.

    While we're at it, a Ruger Mark ... would do well for a whole lot of .22 pistol shooting chores. I've cozied up to a few of those, getting close to purchasing, but never have quite gone there.
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    I've had a Walther P22, Buckmark and SR22 and the Buckmark is my favorite. It's been around for a while and the other two were nice, but the Buckmark (late '90's Camper model) feels more solid and well rounded plus it's just easier to shoot more accurately.
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