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It was 100 yards...uh 'ish. Out at a buddy's place in a cow pasture. Kind of down a gully then back up the hill a ways. I was making use of the sling and kind of resting off of a metal fence post. When I stepped it off it was roughly 95 steps and kind of a weirdish angle so I estimated it at roughly 100 yards, give or take a few. I was shooting south with a 8-10mph cross wind from the WSW...the wind would gust here and there and blew a few off paper.

Using the same rifle and scope in the first pic. Ruger 10/22 Sporter, wearing a 2-7x32 Vortex Viper with a BDC reticle. I have it zeroed at 75 yards on the crosshairs and was out there that day popping off a few hundred rounds at varying distances testing the BDC. I think that target I was testing some Velocitors and Win Super-X. Squirrels and pop cans within 125 yards on a still day better look out...
sir. Thanks for the edification