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The kennel got smaller today

Thread: The kennel got smaller today

  1. gasmitty's Avatar

    gasmitty said:
    Thank you all for your kind words and sentiments - very much appreciated.
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    rocky said:
    Sorry for your loss.
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  3. Petroleum 1's Avatar

    Petroleum 1 said:
    RIP Pricilla...sorry for your loss Smitty i got all choked up looking at her picture she reminds me of my black lab i had to put down some years back. The pain of that day never leaves me.
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    BeastOfBurden said:
    Quote Originally Posted by OldChap View Post
    I can't say all I feel and believe about this, so I'll just nutshell.

    One truth I have learned is that God is absolutely just. He always does the right thing. He created animals and thought enough of them to have Adam name them (Genesis). I don't know specifically WHY God created animals, but I do know that many of them reveal a love to us that is far beyond human ability - indeed almost God-like. If animals have no place in His creation, or in heaven, then why did He create them? And more to the point, why would He be in the process of redeeming all of His creation and yet leave a part of that creation out of the process?

    All that aside. There is a simple answer to the "only souls allowed in heaven" argument. Almost everyone agrees man was created in the image of God - body, soul, spirit. (three distinct parts of one being) But if only those beings with souls are allowed in heaven, what about angels? They are not said to be created in the image of God - that distinction is reserved for man. Angels most definitely reside in heaven - creatures who serve the Creator.

    I don't know if the picture of the Rainbow Bridge is Biblically accurate or not. I know that the sentiment expressed therein is consistent with the fact that God is unconditionally just. And with that, please accept my deep concern for your loss - everyone who has lost a beloved pet. My avatar is evidence of just how deeply I cared for one little pup. I know that heaven will be infinitely beautiful, but for me, it will be infinitely +1 more beautiful if I can see her again some day along with all those who have gone before me.

    May God bring His peace to your hearts this very hour.
    This is an excellent post and I couldn't have said it better. Hank Hanegraaff also wrote about this here, which is worth a read, but I'd say you said it even better Old Chap.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, gasmitty. It's never easy to go through this, because pets are more than just pets, they're family. Cherish the memories you have of Priscilla, take comfort in knowing she's at peace and in a place where there is no pain and sorrow, and know that one day you will have a very happy reunion with her. Prayers sent for Priscilla and all of her loved ones including you.
  5. sdprof's Avatar

    sdprof said:
    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Our aging Lab Priscilla let us know in the wee hours this morning that it was her time.

    Lots of dogs in my history, but I never had one as dedicated to my existence as Lady P. I was with her until after she drew her last breath, the least I could do for this incredibly faithful friend. A very sad day here, as many of you know well.
    Wife and I share your pain. We just buried one of our cats, Natasha, who'd been with us 19 years.

    The pain will ease, the memories will live forever.
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  6. flh's Avatar

    flh said:
    I'm very sorry to hear of your loss...
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  7. ugh762x39's Avatar

    ugh762x39 said:
    So sorry to hear that! Been with a few at the end, myself.
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  8. Sister's Avatar

    Sister said:
    Iím so sorry for your loss gasmitty. Doesnít a day go by that I donít miss our black lab Daisy, she was 12 also. It was last fall, I like the Velcro part of a Lab dog.

    Her favorite little brother Bootsy is having surgery tomorrow, small B&W cat that is 13 now. Itís cancer, second time removing a mass but weíre hoping it will give him another year.
    Trust God.

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    Think about it.
  9. 1MoreFord's Avatar

    1MoreFord said:
    Sorry for your loss. It's happened to me too many times but I always go find a new four pawed best friend and always will. Mine are always adoptions. Be they from friends or shelters.
  10. ETXhiker's Avatar

    ETXhiker said:
    So sorry for your loss. It is a great blessing to have dogs. It is a rare blessing to have one of those dogs. I was lucky enough to have one, and I miss him every day.
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