Prayers for wife

Prayers for wife

This is a discussion on Prayers for wife within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Sorry for the length of this post. Last Thursday my wife asked me to drive her to her pottery class because she said she has ...

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Thread: Prayers for wife

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    Prayers for wife

    Sorry for the length of this post.

    Last Thursday my wife asked me to drive her to her pottery class because she said she has no energy if she drives herself. She came out of her pottery class early, and asked me to take her to her doctor, who happened to be 5 blocks away, because she was having difficulty breathing. Dr worked her in, administered an EKG and said she needed to see her cardiologist immediately. PA called cardiologist for appt, and, as luck would have it, he was driving back from lunch and said he would be at the doctor's office in 5 minutes. (Yeah, how often does YOUR cardiologist offer to stop in to see a patient at a different Dr's office when he is driving by?) Cardiologist checked EKG, frowned, and said he wanted her on a Holter device for 24 hours because he didn't care for the EKG results. He also said he wanted to see her in his office ASAP.

    My wife wore the device for her 24 hours and her Primary Care Physician was able to get us in to see her cardiologist Monday. Saw the cardiologist, and he says the shortness of breath and the lack of stamina concerned him quite a bit, and he referred her to a pulmonary specialist. When we called the pulmonary office and dropped the cardiologist's name, they magically had an opening Tuesday. The pulmonary PA took some information, prescribed an inhaler and put her in a cancellation slot for a breathing test this morning. She also ordered a lung CT scan.

    The story gets better. We stopped at the imaging place on the way home from the pulmonary DR to make an appointment for the CT scan and the lady said "why don't we do it now, as long as you're here and we have time."

    We had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans because my wife can barely walk from the house to the car before running out of breath, and the inhaler is getting a bit of a workout.

    This has all happened very fast, and I am very grateful all the pieces have fallen into place and all these doctors have been able to see her and schedule the tests so quickly.

    To recap, since last Thursday, we have seen 3 different doctors (each twice), and an imaging center, all without really having an appointment.

    Prayers for Mrs Pockets would be most welcomed. We see the pulmonary doctor again in 2 weeks, unless something becomes more critical.

    Thanksgiving is kind of a dream right now.
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    We will keep you in our prayers.

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    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for the Mrs!
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    Prayers for Mrs Pockets would be most welcomed
    Count me in high pockets. I pray it's gonna be OK for her and for you both.
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    Best wishes and prayers. Sounds like you have some things to be thankful for even though the base reason isn't good. Keep being thankful for the good that has happened.
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    Prayers for sure, HP!!!
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    Getting to see all those specialists without appointments by itself it plenty to give thanks for!

    Wishing your wife a safe and speedy return to robust health.
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    Prayers for your Mrs. that she feels better and has energy and is breathing better soon. 🙏
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    Prayers sent. Keep us updated!

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    My prayers are en route.
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    I will pray for both of you. Just be sure that you and your wife stay the use and fight whatever fight is necessary. I learned this in Nam Never think about dying, Just think about living. Mindset it everything. The my wife was diagnosed with cancer at age 40 her life expectancy was 5 years. I pushed her to make plans for the future. She wants to see the kids graduate HS. the they did it became college. When they did she wanted to see them married, and the grandchildren. She saw it all. She had four bouts with cancer, 4 operations, 3 round of radiation, two wo chemotherapy. she lives for 3ee years past he 5 year sentence. She died of a stroke. When te SHTF have a dream that becomes a goal and chase the goal. Bless you both, and know you will win.

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    You both will be in my prayers.
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    Been doing a lot of praying myself these days. Happy to add your wife to the list (and even happier to take her off when all comes through well!).
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    You and your family are in our prayers.
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