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What I Did on My Winter Vacation

This is a discussion on What I Did on My Winter Vacation within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by svgheartland ...can you have a snort now and again? There's one medication, that I take for arthritis, which forbids any alcohol at ...

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Thread: What I Did on My Winter Vacation

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    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    ...can you have a snort now and again?
    There's one medication, that I take for arthritis, which forbids any alcohol at all.
    I've been taken off of it, at least temporarily.
    So, it's Bourbon time! And cider time, too!

    There's a cider maker here on this island who delivers a really tasty product, my favorite being her apple-and-ginger.
    As soon as I can get off of this damn oxygenator, I'll be down at her place in a flash!
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    Welcome back! Good to know you are on the road to recovery. Here's hoping that road doesn't have too many curves.
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    So, you had two helicopter rides on vacation! I can't afford one.
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    Gee, you really know how to make a common cold sound really bad.
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    M1911A1: Even with an unhappy topic such as a health crisis your writing style, as always, was interesting and entertaining. Hang in there my friend. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery with a quick return to full health.
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    I'm happy to see you are getting better. That's a heck of a series of events! Prayers and best wishes for your complete recovery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1911A1 View Post
    A few weeks ago, I was facing the perils and discomforts of colonoscopy. In self defense, I cleverly avoided that very unpleasant issue by contracting double pneumonia instead, because they can't do a colonoscopy on someone who may be on his death-bed. But it turns out that I wasn't clever enough by half. My body decided, all on its own, to add pericarditis to the mix, and then it threw in pericardial effusion as a bonus prize.

    I guess that definitions are in order. Pneumonia? Lung infection. Both lungs, in my case. They fill with semi-liquid crud, and breathing becomes difficult, but coughing becomes frequent and painful. Pericarditis? Infection of the pericardium, the sack which surrounds the heart. It becomes inflamed and filled with fluid, and the heart struggles to pump blood, and wants to quit its job and retire to Florida. Pericardial effusion? Liquid of one sort or another keeps invading the pericardium, and makes the heart feel very annoyed.

    Thinking that my problem was merely a heart attack, our island's EMTs shoved me into a helicopter, and sent me off to St. Joseph's Hospital for the Physiologically Perplexed in far-off Bellingham, WA. But no, it really was pneumonia, for which St. Joe's filled me full of antibiotics. Those antibiotics had the interesting side effect of promoting diarrhea, so, much too frequently, I experienced the incomparable pleasure of gasping desperately for air as I went galloping toward the nearest toilet. After four days of this, the medication had finally worked its magic, and I was sent home.

    But then the pericarditis made itself known. That was much less of an emergency, so Washington State's ferry system carried me off to Island Hospital in nearby Anacortes. I can tell you with complete confidence that Island Hospital is my resort hotel of choice, not least because the food is really good and the nurses are really nice. Island Hospital's house physician told me one of those things that a patient never wants to hear: "Your case is…interesting. Really, really interesting." But even so, four days later I was on my way home again.

    A day later, the EMTs were back. I was once again having sharp, unrelenting chest pains. "Heart attack," they said. "To St. Joe's," they said. Heck no, I said. Anacortes, please. And so, once again I was stuffed into a helicopter. This time, the whirly-bird had serious problems with shake, rattle, and roll. Now, I know that a helicopter is merely an assortment of associated parts, all flying in formation, but on this trip the judder, clank, and shake was just a wee bit overemphasized. I must admit that we did land safely, though.

    This is when the pericardial effusion showed up. The pills to reduce that little number had me filling Mr. PeeBottle about every half hour, but at least there was no running and no shortness of breath. And, as usual, four days later I was home again. Home now included a source of oxygen, to which I am still connected by a long tube, and the requirement that I spend the vast majority of my time in my most comfortable chair, unmoving and resting, probably for the next two months.

    My first visitor, during my convalescence, was my dear friend Pat. She looked down at me, temporarily anchored to my chair and tied to my source of oxygen by that long tube, and she said, "You know, you should've chosen the colonoscopy." And, of course, she was right.

    So now you know where I've been, all this time (that is, if you'd noticed that I was gone). I should be back to being almost normal by the end of March, or maybe in early April.
    Always enjoy your posts and had wondered where you had disappeared to.
    Glad to hear you're on the mend. Will keep you in my prayers for a full recovery.

    Beautiful country where you are. My Nephew is at Bremerton. I keep saying I'll make it out there, but seems like there's always something that interferes with that plan.
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    OMG! Glad you are finally on the mend.

    I will never ​complain about a colonoscopy again!
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    Glad to hear you're doing better, and back on DC.
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    Oh my! That from bad to worse story is a bit sobering. So glad you are better.

    Sounds like a prayer of gratitude is in order along with one for care and healing.
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