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What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

This is a discussion on What are YOU doing with your stimulus money? within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by The Old Anglo Retired on SS and a coupla small pensions,got it yesterday and banked into savings. I may need it to ...

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Thread: What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Anglo View Post
    Retired on SS and a coupla small pensions,got it yesterday and banked into savings. I may need it to buy gas and propane for the Jenny if the power ever fails as a lot of workers there are calling in sick and the Grid is Vital to Everything in America!. Already have Food,Water and Meds as we are 74 and 70 with minor health issues and are quarantined with shopping being done by Shopit,works Great!. Bit more expensive But we don`t have to expose ourselves in public. We do hope the Demo`s Stop playing Games and support small businesses like NOW!. Tired of seeing Nancy`s Fridge!. Good Night.
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    The way I understand it the whole idea behind a stimulus payment is that people are supposed to spend it, hopefully on American made goods, and thus help restart our economy. And that is exactly what I intend to do. Whenever I get it that is. I think those of us on SS are at the back of the line.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShooterGranny View Post

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a thread about what nifty guns or other fun things you are going to buy. I'm sure those things will be mentioned on other threads.
    I'd tell you what I intend to spend it on, but I'm not allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tahmail View Post
    Turning around and giving it my county treasurer for property taxes due. It's all a pyramid game from one taxing agency to another.
    Similar here, I'm banking it now, then it's going to my estimated taxes (x2) due in JUL. This time of year generally sucks money wise anyway. I normally pay FED and State income, along with the 1st QTRLY estimated taxes due on 15APR, then on 20MAY I've got 1/2 of my property taxes due.

    My dad used to say, "you've got to make money to pay taxes", but when watching it go out, it's not much of a consolation....
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    Half the value of our welfare deposit I owe in 2019 taxes but I was gonna pay that no matter what. I've decided to put half of it in the stock market, and the other half will just sit in my checking account to deal with the what ifs. I don't live paycheck to paycheck and don't need it to survive this. I'm also not going to try to send it back.

    Eventually these trillion dollar hand outs are going to catch up to us as a society when more and more folks begin to realize our "money" is just a figment of everyone's imagination. For now people still give me stuff for it so I'll continue to use it. I don't look at it like some as a tax "refund" of sorts. We've spent so much money that our taxes are never going to pay this back. I just think someone at the fed just pushes a button on a computer declaring that another trillion dollars or two exists. For the time being people believe it, when they don't our $1200 - $2400 dollar "stimulus" won't even buy that roll of toilet paper that doesn't exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by URIT View Post
    For me, charity starts at home. The monies will be spent paying off the commercial top-loading Speed Queen washer I bought my wife earlier this month and put on plastic. Then, there are the two 8-round mags for my S&W 3953 and the Don Hume H715-M IWB holster I bought for my S&W 4053. That should wipe out $1200 if I get as much as my bachelor son got. I believe I've already stimulated the economy in breathless anticipation of this election year handout. I'm waiting...
    The Speed Queen washer are great. Real heavy -duty, not just some advertising label. We had a "commercial" Maytag washer that we bought new that was junk, always giving us problems. Well, with 4 active kids we did a lot of laundry and that commercial Maytag couldn't handle it. Got a top-loading Speed Queen two-three years ago and it's handled everything we have thrown at it. It's worth the extra money.
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    putting it back into the grocery economy.
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    Since the stimulus money handout is a total scam, we're putting ours, just received yesterday, into savings, to help us pay our income tax burden for 2019.

    Total scam? Certainly it is.
    Where does the money come from?
    There's two possible sources: It's either money which you gave the government as part of your taxes, or it's money that the government never had, and created by merely printing more of it. Or it's a little of both.

    In the first case, it's been your own money all along; or, worse, if you didn't pay income tax last year, it's someone else's money, and it shouldn't've been given to you. Giving you someone else's money is a perverted form of Socialism, which disincentivizes working for a living, and which destroys the nation's economy.

    In the second case, when the government prints more fiat money (fiat money: it has no intrinsic value), and you accept it for use and use it, the process artificially inflates the money supply, and thereby causes the money that you have to lose its value.
    Although our government is convinced that "just a little bit of inflation" is good for our economy, it isn't really true. Inflation means that our money loses value on almost a daily basis, buying less and less of what we need. It also means that we retired folks, living on fixed incomes, will eventually end up unable to afford the costs of life.

    So we're saving our stimulus money to use in paying our income tax burden, thereby short-circuiting our government's neat little pseudo-stimulus scam.
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    The spouse and I received the checks via direct deposit. We decided to donate the money to needy individuals which we did.

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    Paying taxes or using it for all the prep stuff we have bought with it this past couple of months. First aid kits, batteries, water filters, ...just the general things and get the bug out bags ready. With so many people so close together I don’t think bugging out at home would work here for a very long time, provisions would run out I believe.

    A very large bonus for us was the lesson of what we needed and didn’t need (and how certain politicians will behave) - this was a great dry run for a lot of folks, but a terrible one for others. It has costed folks a bunch, not only lives and money and emotionally but it has literally ripped apart families. I keep reading about young folks killing themselves, the lesson we have learned has not been worth what it has cost imho.

    my 2 cents
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