What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

This is a discussion on What are YOU doing with your stimulus money? within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Someone posted a question on a thread asking if those of us who really do not need the stimulus money for basic needs (like some ...

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Thread: What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

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    What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?

    Someone posted a question on a thread asking if those of us who really do not need the stimulus money for basic needs (like some people I know really do!) are going to return it to the government.

    We are donating most of ours to charities that we know for sure need the help and WILL use it wisely, and not for inflated overhead salaries or constant fund raising drives.

    What are you doing with yours?

    (You do not have to answer, but please do consider this as a possibility.)

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a thread about what nifty guns or other fun things you are going to buy. I'm sure those things will be mentioned on other threads.
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    Not so much charities, as we already do quite a bit of that.
    Will use it to help support local business with purchases.
    Few things around the old ranch need some sprucing up also so spend with local business there also.

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    I will continue to spend money at my local restaurants/bars that took a beating during this quarantine. My fridge/freezer is fully stocked, but I still make sure I buy some take out food from my local joints. Hopefully they will survive until things get better?---Sturgis
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    No stimulus money for me.
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    What are YOU doing with your stimulus money?
    It may not be very charitable but so far mine is just parking itself in my Money Market account.

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    Roof desperately needs replacing.
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    Haven't decided what to do with it but like your suggestions. I did spend $104 to get an SBA4 brace from SB Tactical. But we don't really need the money as SS didn't stop during this and we already have money in the bank to cover our needs.

    Maybe spending it at local eating places is the way to go. Or we could use it as a bonus for the missionaries we support.

    Thanks OP for a thought provoking thread.
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    Get stimulated, of course.

    [heh, heh]
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    Turning around and giving it my county treasurer for property taxes due. It's all a pyramid game from one taxing agency to another.
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    I'm going to sit on mine until my thousand bucks a week unemployment benefits start coming in.
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    Our stimulus money came into our bank two days ago. Shooter Granny mentioned returning the money to the government - I don't know how to do that. There are several charities in the Kansas City metro that we are going to donate the money to.
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    Donating mine to the LGS.
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    I don't intend to cash the check
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    We have two adult "kids" with fams of their own.

    They are successful, and never ask for anything, but I'm just betting that if we send them the $, they will find practical uses for it.

    Interesting questions, SG, thanks.
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