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Survival Tip: Turn jeans into personal flotation device

Thread: Survival Tip: Turn jeans into personal flotation device

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    Bikenut said:
    I'm old and have so much gas I couldn't sink anyway. I putt putt so much I wouldn't have to swim either although the trail of bubbles would stink a bit.
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    sdprof said:
    I don't recall seeing that in the Scouts (late 60s early 70s), nor was I shown such in AF basic training or various survival schools.

    But I am familiar with the technique, from an old joke.
    Seaman Jones wasn't having much luck inflating his pants during the training in a swimming pool. Just couldn't catch enough air flipping the pants. So he got the bright idea to go down to the bottom of the pool and launch himself upwards. He got high enough out the water to fully inflate his pants. As he floated there grinning from ear to ear, the instructor yelled out, 'Seaman Jones, just how the heck are you going to do that in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?"
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