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Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home?

This is a discussion on Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To me it isn't about whether we live in a "safe" neighborhood or if we have dogs and alarms. It is about our own response ...

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Thread: Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home?

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    To me it isn't about whether we live in a "safe" neighborhood or if we have dogs and alarms. It is about our own response time if the dog/alarm/and that illusion of "safety" fail.

    For those who do not have their gun on them at home may I suggest an experiment. Unload your gun and put it in the same place you always have it at home. Then go to the furthest point away from your gun in the home. Have someone come in the house at the door closest to where your gun is.

    Now see if you can get to your gun before whoever stepped into the house can get to you or a family member.

    Having said that I understand there can be other factors like wanting the gun locked up because of children or a spouse that doesn't agree with wearing a gun at the dinner table. But there is a big difference between feeling safe because you think you will be able to respond quickly enough and actually being safer because you are able to immediately respond.
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    If I am out and about, I am always carrying. When I get home, I usually keep my firearm on until I feel like an evening shower.

    We keep two Glock 19s in our main living area, along with two dogs inside and one pooch outside. Rural area, poor area, low threat, but violence does happen. A relative by marriage was murdered, along with another man, in a dispute over illegal activity a couple of years ago and 12 miles from our house.

    For a stroll to the highway for the mail, or just to walk around our small acreage, I stick a S&W j frame in a pocket. You don't even notice it.
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    You never know when some psychotic tweeker will show up at your house or mine to steal what they can, these sorts of things happen randomly and they tend to not care who they harm.

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    Strategic Placed Firearms inside the house, including the bathrooms.

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    Carrying at home is what some of these super light pocket guns were made for. I would even carry a P32 if it was all the weight I could handle in sweatpants or gym shorts.
    I once stepped out to put the garbage can out on the street edge about 40 feet from my front door and there was a guy standing in my side yard which is open all the way through to the next block. Turned out to be some kid taking a shortcut but, my stashed house gun would have been useless. I would rarely be in a position to use stashed guns as I am always doing something in the garage, backyard, etc. I would need 20 stashed guns to be near one all the time.

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    Always Carry,Never Tell!.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Anglo View Post
    Always Carry,Never Tell!.
    Iím telling.

    Iím carrying right now, in my hotel room, room .223, so bring it on bad guys.
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    AzQkr said it for me. But I might grab my shotty instead of a rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAS_Shooter View Post
    Is this true. Violent crime rate has been dropping for the last 30 years and is at rates we have not seen since the '60s. Are there burglary/home invasion statistics that say we are worse off now than any time on the last 30 years? Are we collectively buying into an assumption while disregarding facts?
    Whose statistics are we using? I know for a fact that mayors are always pressuring their police depts. to keep crime low. There are really only two ways to do this. The first is to have lots of officers in an area. This is expensive, as the overall cost includes the officer's salary & benefits, all the equipment to outfit them and the requisite cost of locking people up. The other way is to play with the numbers. One of the ways to do that is to play with how a crime is defined. While the state law might say that an aggravated assault is threatening someone with a weapon or using one on them, a dept. might say that using a club on someone really isn't an aggravated assault if the person doesn't really sustain a serious injury. Or, an aggravated assault really didn't happen if a person just pulled a handgun out of their waist but didn't point it at the other person. Going this way is much less expensive for a city, county, etc. That's why there is that old saying.....there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

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