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Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home?

This is a discussion on Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No, I don't carry in the home but I am never far from a weapon and there is my dog they have to contend with. ...

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Thread: Home Invasions Reaching New Levels of Violence - Do You Carry In-Home?

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    No, I don't carry in the home but I am never far from a weapon and there is my dog they have to contend with. In places where I spend nearly all my time, I bet I could have a weapon in hand quicker than if I had it on my side. Then again, I don t have kids at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DG View Post
    These days I'm less concerned about a home invasion than a SWAT team with the wrong address.
    With proper training and weapons SWAT at the wrong address should NOT be a problem .... Now THAT'S maximum defense ! ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyinchville1 View Post
    With proper training and weapons SWAT at the wrong address should NOT be a problem .... Now THAT'S maximum defense ! ;-)
    My address is a bit confusing even though the house has been in the same location for 75 years. I've already had the police show up once with a warrant. They were looking for a neighbor's house at the other end of the street. Both our houses have the same house number. Both houses sit on a corner and both houses face the same street. However, because of the lot configuration, my house was built so that the side of the house faces the side street that is the actual address of the house. Got you confused yet?

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    I carry 24/7/365 in my home. Its a habit of mine.
    I come in peace. I didnt bring artillery. But Im pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you [mess] with me, Ill kill you all."
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    [B]All day, every day. Except for when I'm sleeping.
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    .....and then I sleep with 1 eye open.
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    Step in, zip, clip...no problem at all. At home, I'm never more than 2 steps from one, even in my skivvies. When DON'T we want to be prepared? IfonlyIda is not going to be on my tombstone.
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    I am not too worried about the cops...... " Why are we looking for that guy at Bob's house?"
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    I answered this thread a while back but thought I'd follow up. Got my HK P30 w/20 rd mag extension and w/2 extra 15 rd mags loaded and chilling with me on my table in my living room.

    P.S. I just added the 2 extra mags on the table for special effects.
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    Unless prohibited BY LAW, you should bet I'm carrying, it is loaded and I will use it if need be...
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    The only time I don't have my gun with me is when I'm at work (in a prison). But it's waiting for me in the car safe.
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    I carry a J frame and reloads all day and always have a high capacity semi and reloads fairly close by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DG View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TeflonDon View Post
    Kind of a sad sign of the times that we have to worry about such things. I don't think we seen the worst of it yet. This use to be something only those who lived in bad, high crime, drug infested neighborhoods had to worry about. Now I'm seeing stories and these concerns popping up all over social media as well as gun forums whereas they really didn't exist a few years back.
    I don't really worry about it. I'm just aware of the possibility. No knock warrants and the proliferation of illegal drugs produces an increase in that type of activity. Mistakes are bound to happen occasionally. Sometimes, it's the fault of the police...but many times they are acting on bad information. An informant gives a wrong address. Some punk decides to play games like the little creep in California.

    I keep a scanner app on my cell phone. The neighbor's dog alerts me to any movement in the neighborhood. I don't automatically open the door with gun in hand.

    I would say when these mistakes happen there is always going to fault with the law enforcement agency. There may be extreme circumstances where police are called to a fake urgent threat, but most of the time the bad guys moved out months earlier. In those cases that is a result of poor preparation on pre op planning and failure to verify info by surveillance or other means.

    That being said, it doesn’t happen that often. Home invasions are a much bigger threat the police hitting the wrong house. SWAT teams aren’t just given an address and told to go get them. I really don’t like no knock warrants except in cases where is no other choice and in those cases it better be verified the bad guys are there. No knocks are dangerous to law enforcement and the people in the Target home. If it’s due to the bad guys being legitimate threats and not for preserving evidence then probably better to get them in a vehicle stop or other method.

    To the OP, I always have something even at home!

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    I don't (and won't) carry at home, as I do not feel the need to and would not be comfortable carrying in pajamas, etc., as some here do. However, there are firearms placed around the house that I can reach within ten seconds regardless of what room I am in. My entrance ways are hardened somewhat and I am in the process of putting up shatter-resistant film on the windows (rather expensive, so doing it in installments).

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    I have a dedicated home defense gun that is always secured at my bedside, primarily for when sleeping.

    At home and anywhere else I go I always have my P3AT in my pocket regardless if I have my G26 on me. The P3AT never gets in the way of anything I am doing at home or anywhere else that I can't or don't carry my G26.

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