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Finally Happened in our Neighborhood!! Eye opener for my wife!

This is a discussion on Finally Happened in our Neighborhood!! Eye opener for my wife! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by spclopr8tr My sister is fervently anti-gun. Her nice, safe, quiet area of town went through a series of home invasions a couple ...

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Thread: Finally Happened in our Neighborhood!! Eye opener for my wife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spclopr8tr View Post
    My sister is fervently anti-gun. Her nice, safe, quiet area of town went through a series of home invasions a couple of years ago. She is even more fearful of it happening to her. She keeps her doors locked and the alarm on most of the time she's home. She still doesn't want guns in the house. My BIL bought a new 9mm, got his handgun carry permit, and practices frequently. But when he is home, the gun is still unloaded and locked in its carry case. Some people are just unwilling to take responsibility for their personal safety. Somehow my sister thinks the police will get to her and rescue her before she comes to serious harm. My BIL gets it, but he has to live with her.

    He knows I carry, but I've never had that conversation with my sister. She knows I have a permit (like her husband). I'm not sure how she'd react knowing I always carry, even at her house.

    100% of home invasions occur when someone is home.
    There is no way I could live with a woman like that. No way.

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    ...not when her husband's got a new 9mm and practices frequently, anyways...
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    I've always kept guns in the house for protection. When I decided to get my carry permit, had very little "explaining" to do to my wife. We both watch the news. She was all for it. Says she feels safer when we go out.
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    If bad guys bust into my home, I'm gonna shoot first and ask questions later. I'm not gonna let them hurt me or my kitties.

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    I was taught at a young age, where the guns were and how to handle them. I pass it on to my family ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by redmc View Post
    My advise to everyone is. don't make the mistake of thinking it won't happen to you. Out here in the sticks it has happened in a neighboring town more than once.
    I used to keep my pistol in the bedroom in a drawer. A couple of years ago, there was three separate home invasions. I now carry my P226 on the hip, and my HK P30 with a TLR-1 HL light on the nightstand. It is 800 lumens, and that is BRIGHT!. I tested it by pointing the light in a dark in my direction, not even straight toward me. All I could see for about 30 minutes was blue blobs running across my eyes. It also has strobe, and just pointing it at the wall was enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redmc View Post
    My advise to everyone is. don't make the mistake of thinking it won't happen to you. Out here in the sticks it has happened in a neighboring town more than once.
    I have had this conversation about it won't happen to me, yada yada yada here in Houston. Most people at my place of employment know I carry a gun. Because of the Employee Handbook, I can't carry at work. :( Every morning, my co-workers observe me remove my empty holster and extra-mag and put them on my desk. I don't remove my holster in the truck because I can't contort myself to remove it when sitting and I can re-holster my gun faster in th parking garage when I return to my truck. I have a console vault in my armrest to lock up the gun. This has been my routine for years.

    Anyway, some yoots in the office (recent college grads that are legends in their own minds) said I was being overly paranoid and needing a gun. My response always catches the young adults off-guard. I simply explain that my grandfather's murderer has never been caught, which is true. I then explain that 10 years later, my dad's cousin was a victim of a random act of violence and died. That perpetrator has never been caught either. Chicago PD is not very good at solving murders. Nonetheless, how do I know that the murderers are not looking for me now? I ask them tell me if the probability of me being a victim of a random act of violence is absolutely zero. Instead they say my odds are pretty low. I tell them that is what my two family members thought as well. Didn't do them much good.

    On a separate discussion:

    Just last Friday, there was a murder/suicide at the house behind my backyard. I live in Kingwood, a sleepy middle-class neighborhood that rarely has such violent crime. Mostly, car burglaries. The wife had terminal cancer and the husband allegedly had mental issues. They left behind two kids. The wife supposedly went to work that day in good spirits according to a post from a co-worker. No one knows yet what drove the husband to this point or if they the couple had a pact. Nonetheless, violence can happen anywhere, anytime. Now two kids, 8 and under, are orphans.
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    Thankfully the homeowners weren't hurt and hopefully the dogbite the intruder received hurt like....a female dog...

    Evil can strike anywhere at anytime. Living in a good neighborhood is no guarantee you'll be safe. Just because your neighbors may be good people doesn't mean the people they have over or the people who drive through your neighborhood are good people. A good neighborhood may be a more likely target of criminals because it likely has more valuable things to steal compared to a bad neighborhood. There's also that saying "There's a first time for everything." That sadly can include "First home invasion" and "First homicide".

    Do what you can to make your house harder for criminals to break in to, but also have a plan for in case they actually manage to break in.
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    A lot and I DO MEAN A HELL OF A LOT of people want to close the gate after all of the cattle have gotten out of the pen.

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    My family and I are prepared. Those around me with their heads in the sand are on their own. I hate to be that way, but it is reality. When/ if they ever wake up I will be glad to help out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wavygravy View Post
    It hasn't happened in our neighborhood (or even our tiny village) yet, but it will. My wife and my eyes have been opened for a while now by events nearer and nearer to us.

    BTW -- interesting fact on the news today -- last year at this time there were 14 homicides in Charlotte NC. This year at the same time there have been 44 as of this morning.
    46 After the UNC-Charlotte shooting today unfortunately.
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    Well I'm glad your wife got her eyes opened without any personal cost to your family. FWIW, I live in a quiet middle class neighborhood, lots of retirees, in a smaller town. Within the last few years, there have been two murders within blocks. I heard the shots fired as the second one occurred. This is in an area where the average person might think the chance of violent crime remote. Doesn't matter, bad things happen to good people all the time. It's a very hard thing to change the mindset of a person, who cannot imagine they could ever be the victim of violent crime. Not unusual for such folks to view anyone with a concern about safety and security issues as a bit odd at best, or a possibly dangerous paranoid nut at worst. ESPECIALLY if they own firearms for other than sporting use, or God forbid, carry a firearm. It may very well take some episode of violence to change that condition White mindset.

    I'm fortunate in that my wife and I are both retired from LE, and routinely keep vehicles and doors locked. It's not paranoia, it's just reasonable caution. Bad guys are always looking for targets of opportunity and it's a simple, easy, precaution to just lock the doors. Additional security measures, Great! But start by just locking the doors. This might at least give one a few extra seconds to respond to a criminal intrusion. Due to Mom and Dad's profession, our children were raised around firearms and security consciousness, and it's perfectly normal to them. Now as adults, they still lock the doors and wear their seat belts
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    I will never allow someone else's irrational fear of guns cause me to not have a loaded firearm either on me or quickly available at hand. If they don't like that, they don't need to be in my house. I once had a relative by marriage tell me (an off duty cop) that I could not have my off duty weapon in his home (concealed carry), so I got up, told the then wife I was headed out to find a hotel, and her mother's husband could have a nice day....

    Another's irrational fears will NOT rule my life.
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    Anytime, anyplace, it's why we carry at home....the "Drill"....sit at your kitchen table or in your den and have someone you know just randomly open the front door and walk in on ya.....see how long it takes for you to arm yourself if your not already carrying............Surprise.
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    Always remember these feed the anti-gun trolls.

    We can preach, cuss, discuss all we want, but these events inflame the Mad Moms. I consider that a great danger.
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