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Parking Lot Rage?

This is a discussion on Parking Lot Rage? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by RedSafety I was in the tub and I heard some undesirable noise in from the parking lot, a car horn beeping repeatedly. ...

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Thread: Parking Lot Rage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSafety View Post
    I was in the tub and I heard some undesirable noise in from the parking lot, a car horn beeping repeatedly. I got up and looked out the little window next to the AC and there was a car, a Chrysler, dark gray best I could tell, with a door wide open, nobody in sight. I turned and heard the car squealing tires and went back to the window to see someone trying to run and the car running into him on the passenger side hood. I grabbed my vest and fought to get my jeans on my wet body. Oh my, what a fight that was! I had to run to the other side of the apartment because mom's wheelchair blocks the door at our bedroom. By the time I got out of the apartment and went back to the other side of the building I had my Shield in hand and ready for use. All I saw by that time was the car racing across the parking lot and out to the street, nobody in sight. No blood that I saw, so that's a good thing I guess.

    This follows having a car next to me pull into my lane while riding the VStar and 2 old members trying to fly past the pack and getting blocked by someone suddenly stopping in their lane to make a left turn. She road to the right of the car and almost running into our Road Captain and him racing around on the left shoulder and giving the driver a nasty look. I wasn't feeling well and had to get some Tums and ginger ale to settle my stomach. The pack took off, but one stayed behind to ride with me the 20 miles back to town. I felt like just pulling over for a nap. I get home and I have to deal with a plugged kitchen drain. 11pm before I get that finished, then the above happened as I was soaking in the hot bath to try to just relax and burn out whatever bug is lingering on me.
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    As has already been eluded to in previous posts, it might not have been the most prudent course of action to go running(gun in hand) into some sort of unknown jackassery unfolding in the parking lot. I don't think this was a gun situation or one that would cause me to interject myself. Clearly there was no crime scene upon your arrival and I wouldn't have expected there to be. There is a stark difference between jackassery and life which is truly in jeopardy. If I had been standing by the window, I probably would have looked out at what was happening. If this seemed like a protracted event, I may have called the police but that's it. At the moment you said "I grabbed my vest",.. you lost me.

    I had my Shield in hand and ready for use.

    to do what?

    You don't know what the man of foot may have just done ( if anything) and you don't know the motivations of the driver of the car. You don't really know who is the victim of what or what may have just transpired prior to you looking out the window. If it were me I would ask myself this question:

    If things go badly and they often do, what real duty or responsibility do I have to go jump into the middle of all that and will a jury of my peers sitting in a comfortable courtroom see things my way after pouring over specific points of law? If I avoid any criminal entanglement, what civil issues might I face and what will it cost me, win or lose? If this is purely a situation of "I got involved because feel that I could" then I have to ask myself how much did I really know before showing up with a gun in my hand.
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