The forums have grown tremendously and we thank all of you for being part of this community committed to concealed weapons carry.

In order to keep the forums running well and to prevent problems, I hope each of you will take a minute and read our rules. The rules are meant to reduce the amount of discord that is present in so many other forums and detracts from the purpose and value of the forum itself. This forum was created to be a resource for those of us that legally carry a concealed weapon and, where required, have obtained a concealed carry permit.

Every member is expected to follow the forum rules to participate. You agreed to them to become a member. Where they are open to interpretation, the forum staff will make the final interpretation. If there are any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to contact any of the forum staff.

General Rules:

1. Although we have a number of other forums here, we are primarily focused on concealed carry. Threads and posts should be related to the individual forum's focus.

2. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts or PMs. Trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are strictly prohibited. You are welcome to disagree with opinions other than your own, but flaming other members will not be allowed. If you can't figure out how to compose a post without it being confrontational or a personal attack on someone, simply bite your lip and don't post it.
If you have a crappy attitude please leave it at the door before you enter!

3. Each member is allowed one account. Multiple user account registrations for one individual are not permitted. We have tools designed to detect multiple accounts and, when discovered, we reserve the right to delete, revoke or merge any or all of these accounts, without further notice.

4. As a family-friendly forum, we ask that you keep your language clean, exactly as we hope you would when addressing respected elders. Creative workarounds (the use of special characters to replace some letters) on otherwise prohibited language are not allowed. Violators of this rule will be warned once; those repeatedly breaking this rule will have their accounts permanently revoked. NOTE: Links to off site material will be held to our family-friendly standard, as well. However, out in the real world, it's not so sanitary, when posting a video where it is intended to be used as a teaching tool, you have zero control over what other people say on the video. Whether it's a firearms instructor who may say a few bad words during the course of instruction, or whether you're posting a video surveillance tape of a violent crime being committed and there happens to audio which has people using foul language. The staff feels we shouldn't lose that valuable information because of the bad language rule. A conspicuous warning posted along with the video should be sufficient to satisfy those who have delicate ears. NSFW should be in the thread title and a text warning regarding the language should in included above the link to the video in a post. THIS ALLOWANCE IS ONLY FOR INFORMATION THAT IS RELEVANT TO OUR FOCUS. It is not a pass to use profanity in posts or other usage of profanity on the forum.

5. We have a number of female members on the forum and hope to attract more for their unique perspective and experiences. We do not, however, have "gender specific" forums. They are regarded as individuals that carry a concealed weapon that just happen to be female. They will not be subjected to sexual innuendo as a part of their membership. Be warned, there is zero tolerance regarding this particular rule.

6. We do not discriminate in regards to religion, race, creed, gender, sexual preference, or national origin, nor will we tolerate, on this forum, those that do. Racial, ethnic, or religious slurs appearing in posts will be removed. That being the case, we generally don't want to know most of these things about you. We are strictly a "don't ask, don't tell" forum regarding sexual preferences.

7. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. The posting of meaningless threads, one word (or short) nonsense posts, including links off-site the forum are assumed to be for that reason.

8. Spamming is not allowed and will result in having your account banned. This includes using the forum email and Private Message system to spam other members privately. Any member receiving this type of PM or email, should immediately notify forum staff.

9. We have learned from bitter experience that discussions of certain subjects (politics, religion, abortion, sexual orientation, etc) often degenerate quickly. For this reason, we DO NOT allow the discussion of these topics.
Threads or postings which are religious in content but, are not directly related to our primary focus of Self, Family, or Home defense will be promptly deleted as being off-topic to a firearm defense forum.

Please Note that D.C. is not anti-God or anti-religion, however, this forum is not the appropriate place for such topics and debates. There are countless religious discussion sites and forums on the Internet, and we would ask that you participate there in order to hold your religious discussions.

This forum has a very distinct focus, and was created that way on purpose. Please keep your posts here on the topic of self defense, the 2A, and associated gear and other topics such as:

Concealed Carry, Open Carry, Firearms, Holsters, Edged Weapons, Tactical Equipment, Training, Law Enforcement etc.

We also discourage "caliber war" threads and strongly encourage you not to post a thread starting one. Regardless of your level of experience, caliber is a personal preference and what is right for you may not be right for others.

9a. Bashing Law Enforcement Officers.
This has never passed muster here, and never will. The specific DC forum that includes law enforcement in it's focus is not meant to be a place to jump up on a self-righteous pulpit and start ripping law enforcement apart. You will find our tolerance to these kinds of posts to be at an end. "Broad brush" anti law enforcement commentary is prohibited, we encourage you to take it somewhere else.

9b. Bashing the National Rifle Association.
Defensive Carry Forum recognizes the value of the Second Amendment to our Constitution and the liberty that it grants to American citizens; liberty which is continuously attacked by those who would curtail our right to keep and bear arms. Defensive Carry Forum supports and promotes Second Amendment liberty and recognizes that the National Rifle Association is presently the leading gun rights organization in the fight to retain that liberty. Defensive Carry Forum supports the NRA in its efforts to defend gun rights. Defensive Carry Forum will not allow the NRA to be denigrated unfairly. Because Defensive Carry Forum will tolerate no NRA bashing, any posts criticizing the NRA should be carefully constructed with the understanding that the posts' value is subject to the judgement of the moderation team.

10. Discussion of illegal activities, except in reporting the actions of others, is not allowed. Discussion for the purpose of promoting these activities may subject the poster to being banned. Admission of illegal activity on your part will be removed. Anyone quoting or referencing deleted or edited posts will have their posts edited/removed as well. In short, DO NOT use this forum to admit to breaking the law, even in your distant past.

11. While we have no problem with you mentioning another forum or posting an occasional link to a particular thread in another forum, we do not allow either blatant advertising or bashing of other boards/forums. Those violating this rule are subject to having all previous links removed from this forum.

12. Those using, or attempting to use, an anonymous proxy to either register or access this forum will be banned, without notice, warning or discussion.

13. Copyrighted material. If you are posting a copyrighted story, our rules permit the first paragraph being copied verbatim with a link pointing to the rest of the article/story's original source. You should summarize the rest of the story, in your own words, after the link. DO NOT cut and paste a complete article or story and DO NOT simply provide a link without further comment. Violations of this rule will receive one warning and then receive an infraction of no less than 10 points. Additional infractions will have their points doubled.

14. We very much appreciate your participation on our forum. Please keep in mind that we do not exist in order to direct traffic to your Blog site or your FaceBook Page etc. The practice is to be strongly discouraged and is now considered to be a serious forum rule violation. Members that make a habit of posting constant misdirects to their personal off-forum sites will be warned not to do so only one time, and following that warning (and if the practice continues) the offending member will be banned from DefensiveCarry.

While these rules cover most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. Posts that are contrary to the above policies or to the mission of, or violate our community standards may be edited or deleted at our sole discretion. We're a private venture enabled by an all-volunteer staff and forum Administrators and/or Moderators shall make the final decision on what does/does not violate community standards.

Guidelines and Forum Restrictions

Picture Posting

Members are allowed (and encouraged) to post on topic pictures. It is preferred that you upload them here to prevent broken links resulting when the website hosting the pictures moves or removes them, but linking is allowable. Linked graphics will sometimes drastically slow down the loading of a thread/post. Please consider this when posting pictures. Threads with broken picture links will have the links removed as we come across them.

When you post pictures, the software will automatically thumbnail them. Clicking on the thumbnail will expand the picture to full size. The purpose of thumbnails are so you don't have to load large images every time you visit the thread unless you specifically want to see them. It also speeds the loading of pages, saves bandwidth and prevents large pictures from distorting the size of the thread causing you to have to scroll horizontally. Most people don't want to see every picture, every time they visit a thread. Please don't repetitively post the same picture over and over again. Once really is enough.


As a family-friendly forum, avatars must not be in poor taste, period. Avatars that are found to be in poor taste will be removed. A size restriction is set at 125x125 pixels, with a maximum size of 50k.

Signature Size Limits

All signatures may not exceed 150 characters. BB code is allowed, HTML code is not allowed.
Graphics in your Signature Line Area must be SMALL in size and not distracting.


Member's selling individual personal items (non-commercial) are allowed in the "Member Buy, Sell, Trade" forum once a member has made 25 or more posts. All thread titles should include the state where these items are located. Items listed here must not be listed for sale elsewhere or on the Internet, including auction sites or any other forums.

Advertising, for paid sponsors only, is allowed in the "Sponsor Buy, Sell, Trade" forum.

We do not allow advertising to be embedded within the forum topics, in fairness to our paid sponsors, who help keep this forum operating. Simply mentioning a related business in the course of a thread is in no way restricted as long as it is relevant to the thread and would not be considered obtrusive. We would be happy to place a link to your business website in our "Related Links" area in consideration of a reciprocal link. No other advertising will be allowed within the forum and, when found, will be removed. Please PM or email either Administrator or CricketW if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Links in Signatures

Linking to ONE commercial product/service related to our focus is allowable, provided it is not an affiliate program link. Multiple site links or promotional text for a commercial product or service is not allowed. Signatures must be kept low key.

Member "Off Topic" Discussions forum

All topics and posts must be related to concealed carry, firearms, and other related topics and should be placed in the appropriate forum. The Member "Off Topic" forum is where our members can post almost anything, as long as it does not violate community standards. If you have comments or questions that are off topic or don't fit into any other forum, this is the place. Posts that get off topic in other threads may also be split and moved here or deleted. There is no appropriate place for off color jokes on this website. Off topic posts do not increment your post counter.

A note on FREE SPEECH:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The First Amendment is greatly respected here, as are all other Amendments that the Second Amendment defends. We are, however, a privately owned venture and as such, your freedom of speech does not grant you a right to post anything you may wish to say on this forum. These rules are a contract you agree to when you become a member of this forum and members are expected to adhere to them. Those who err cannot complain about censorship, or a perceived loss of first amendment rights. If you do not like our rules or feel you cannot follow them, seek out a new venue to frequent, or start your own.

If you feel you can abide by these rules, we hope that you join us on We invite you to share your expertise and enjoy the camaraderie. "Share what you know, learn what you don't." If you do not believe you can stay within these rules, please do us all a favor and go elsewhere. We do not tolerate the intentional breaking of our rules.

Thank you,

The Staff

Should you ever have any issues with anything forum related please feel free to send a Private Message to any of our forum Moderators. We do understand that some topics are very "HOT BUTTON" issues and/or you may perceive some Moderator action to be unfair. That is fine and please do feel free to discuss your issue with any Moderator VIA Private Mail in a civil and respectful manner. Your complaint will then usually go for review by multiple Moderators who will "weigh in" on the disputed decision.

Please Note: Losing your temper, ranting, name calling, sarcastic tone and general disrespect in a Private Mail Message to a Moderator or Administrator will get you removed from the forum as will ranting and whining publicly in thread/posts with regard to perceived "unfair" rules and moderation. Consider yourself to be warned of this in advance. It is excellent practice for you to know how to make your point like a decent, calm, rational, human being should you ever find yourself in a court of law at some future point in time.