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Have You Ever Had To Draw Your Firearm In Self Defense? - Have You Had To Fire It?

This is a discussion on Have You Ever Had To Draw Your Firearm In Self Defense? - Have You Had To Fire It? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a 30-year LEO, now retired from active duty, I have pulled and fired my weapon, more than once. As a pvt citizen I have ...

View Poll Results: Have you ever had to draw or shoot your weapon in self-defense?

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Thread: Have You Ever Had To Draw Your Firearm In Self Defense? - Have You Had To Fire It?

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    As a 30-year LEO, now retired from active duty, I have pulled and fired my weapon, more than once. As a pvt citizen I have not thankfully. Would I or could I? Damn straight if I have to but would prefer not being in that situation.
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    I had a grip on my pistol and was working on getting it out of the holster against a large aggressive dog when the owner showed up and stopped their dog.

    I was *this close* to having the gun out and opening fire...not fun.

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    As a civilian, yes & no.
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    I stay in condition orange most of the time, I had a thug threaten my wife and I life the guy said that he would take our life so yeah and the funny thing is that the guy know where I live.
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    The poll does not separate LEO's from civilian CCW carry. As such the poll may be swayed.

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    Yes drew in 1971 but did not fire

    My Family had a body shop towing service and we towed for the East Cleveland Ohio police. Police called me and asked if I would do a tow for a local restaurant, the car was blocking 2 speaker stalls, semi sideways. I hooked the car and 3 very drunk guys came stumbling out and threatened me to drop the car. I responded, as soon as you pay the tow.
    One went in the car and came out with a bat and stated he was going to beat me to death, as he approached I drew my 1911 and told him to stop and just about that time the ECP showed up and arrested all 3. Remember in 1971 the cops were not so gentle. He and the other 2 told the cops I was going to shoot him, the cops reply was yes he would have. East Cleveland was a dangerous city back then and still is.
    The bat guy showed up a few days later to retrieve his car and asked if I would have shot him , my reply was you do not how close you came. He apologized and retrieved his car and left swearing to never get that drunk again. I am glad I didnít have to shoot and he was also. I was 21 at the time but a hard seasoned 21 for sure.

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    I was a brig chaser for my Marine Corps Engineering Battalion (extra assigned duty-long story).

    On one occasion I had to escort a guy from the brig to our battalion HQ at Camp Hansen in Okinawa for a Captain's Mass. He was awaiting court martial for two completely different charges. One charge was in connection with a violent sexual assault on an Okinawan national; the other was for theft of three Model 1911 pistols from the battalion armory for sale to Okinawan nationals.

    I placed him in handcuffs while inside the secure perimeter of the brig. A driver from the battalion motor pool transported us the 10 or so miles from the brig to Camp Hansen. While meeting with the CO, he convinced the CO that he should not be transported in handcuffs because he was innocent and the handcuffs were a demeaning abuse of one Marine by another. The CO told me to remove the cuffs before transporting him back to the brig. Aye aye, Sir.

    While passing Kin Village, a small hamlet outside the camp gates, my prisoner leapt out of the back of the jeep and ran towards town. It was raining and I was wearing a heavy poncho. He had removed his before getting into the jeep, which should have tipped me off.

    We headed into the ville with him a few yards in front of me but getting a bigger lead as my poncho slowed me down. I threw my nightstick at his legs as we got to the first building on the edge of the village, hoping to trip him up; but to no avail. The stick hit his lower leg and then clattered noisily into a stone lined drainage ditch. For the next few tense minutes I chased him with my handgun drawn as we ran into and out of shops, homes, bars and private courtyards. All the while I was bellowing vile threats in the most awful language available to a young Marine.

    I had been taught in brig school that if a prisoner escaped, the responsible escort would be required to serve the sentence of the escaping prisoner. I believed it. With that motivation a forethought I had an agonizing internal debate raging on whether to shoot him or not as it became clear that I would probably not be able to catch him. Fortunately, just as I suppressed the urge to shoot his fleeing figure, my driver rounded a corner in an alleyway that was barely wide enough to accommodate the vehicle's girth and literally hit the guy I was chasing, knocking him down into a sewage ditch. The driver and I pounced on him, roughed him up a bit and handcuffed him before returning him to the back of the jeep. I secured him to the frame of the jeep with a second pair of cuffs. A few seconds later a very elderly gentleman approached me and with much smiling and bowing offered my errant nightstick, presented with both hands. Presumably he had retrieved it from the ditch where it landed.

    By the time we arrived back at the brig we agreed that the prisoner would not mention that we had used a bit of excessive force to get him back into the jeep and we would not report his attempted escape.

    A few days later I was summoned to the XO's office. When I got there I saw my driver sitting in a chair just outside the XO's door. Crap.

    When we got inside he looked at us for what seemed an eternity before speaking. He told us that a few of the elders had been to the provost's office and reported that there had been a bit of a "dust up" in the village a few days earlier. Seems there was some Marine chasing another Marine with gun drawn evoking the most foul language. The running duo burst into a few private dwellings and did some damage in a few shops. Since we had been near the village around the time the described incident occurred, the XO wondered if we had seen anything. Silence. Then the XO told us to please get back to him if we heard anything and we were dismissed. I think it was the XO's way of telling us that ordering the cuffs removed was a boneheaded idea.
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    I've not posted this here before, and details will be purposely few and sketchy. We had a dispatch call of an active shooter on a highway. One of the Deputies radioed and asked what kind of gun it was. "Rifle." Well Crap!!! Rifle bullets go thru our soft body armor like a hot knife.....

    We conducted a felony stop. I honestly don't remember drawing my pistol. It was just "there" pointing in. My pistol's little red dot was squarely on the shooter's upper spine as they walked backwards towards us.

    Folks taken to jail, no shots fired by us.
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