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Am I an Outlier?

This is a discussion on Am I an Outlier? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by HotGuns You sound a lot like I was. Until I became an LEO back in 2000. That changed my perspective quite a ...

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Thread: Am I an Outlier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    You sound a lot like I was.
    Until I became an LEO back in 2000.

    That changed my perspective quite a bit. Up until then, I never really saw the need to carry all the time, choosing when to carry and when not to.

    When I started dealing with pure evil on a daily basis and saw just how depraved some people really can be...then I started carrying 24/7.

    If you can carry and you don' are gambling. With your life.

    Evil doesn't just show up when you think it is around you constantly just waiting to strike. Sounds like a bunch of rhetoric don't it? It does right up until it bites a huge chunk right out of your life...because you had the means to stop it but left it at the house because you didn't think you'd need it.

    It's a familiar story that I have reported on more than once. Its all about having the proper mindset and if you aren't carrying when you can, you don't have the proper mindset.
    Thank you for this post! The LEO's point of view is very helpful for the rest of us. My son was recently in an auto accident (no injuries) and when he talked to the officer, he mentioned that he had not carried his weapon that day, the officer told him, "Never go anywhere without your gun, as long as it's legal." I really appreciated that attitude from the officer. Now, we live in Texas, where, I imagine, the attitude about carrying is much more gun friendly. A license is not even required to carry in your car, however, in this day, with LEOs needing to be even more cautious, it is good to be affirmed that they really are on the side of the law abiding citizen. Thank you for your service!

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    So it's safe to say then, as a LEO, that you are strongly FOR law-abiding, permit holding, civilian concealed carry?
    Yes and no. I'm a bit different than the rest.

    I absolutely think that if you are able to carry...then you should carry.

    As for requiring a permit...NO. It is an infringement on the Second Amendment. Why should you pay for a right? Why should you be fingerprinted to prove to the government that you are innocent? It's supposed to be the other way around. You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty...not the other way around.Background check? Same thing. Guilty until innocent.

    As for the cops protecting you...that is a myth. Cop don't usually arrive until after the fact. Things happen so quickly that it is virtually impossible for the police to protect you...and that is a myth perpetuated by communists,socialists,democrats and some republicans.

    It is up to you to protect yourself and your family. It is no one else's responsibility in spite of what society says.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    I have carried nearly every day since 1967 . I'm older and grew up in a different environment than many posting here . I tell no other individual what they should do as unsolicited advice . When asked directly ; my council is always be prepared to protect yourself and your's .

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    I am glad that you live where you feel that safe without carrying. I didn't carry all of the time for awhile because I live in a small town. Then a friend of mine told me that one of the reasons that he carries every day is because he doesn't want to come home unarmed and face one of his own guns. I know that he owns one of those 800# gun safes now but I'll bet he still carries all of the time. I just can't get used to not carrying now that I have for awhile. Even if you don't carry all of the time I hope that you learn situational awareness from what you read on here. That might help you decide when are the best times to be ready to defend yourself.

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    If I knew in advance that I was going to need my self defensive firearm to save my life out Wednesday.
    I would just stay home next Wednesday.
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    With the right gun/holster/pants/belt carrying is so comfortable, I can't think of any reason not to carry any time it's legal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    Rhodie2 you are probably more the norm for people with carry permits. The majority probably never carry at all.

    The members here are some of the ouliers who actually carry every day where legal.
    I would venture to guess that even many of the members here don't carry all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Yes and no. I'm a bit different than the rest.

    I absolutely think that if you are able to carry...then you should carry.

    As for requiring a permit...NO. It is an infringement on the Second Amendment. Why should you pay for a right?
    I'm like Clint Eastwood. I don't want to have my privacy infringed upon, but I want EVERYONE ELSE to be printed, backgrounded, profiled, scrutinized and vetted before letting them handle a firearm around me. It's only natural.

    Of course, I'm not gonna make a law, and I don't think we should be -paying- for this checking. Just sayin'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWIll View Post
    I am also in Illinois, St Louis metro East. Our carry laws are not that onerous. I rarely see a posted building. I find myself carrying wherever legal these days. You never know when lightning will strike you....

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    Wow!!! I was born and raised in East St. Louis. Used to be a rough place!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ks kid View Post
    I carry all day, everyday. I am very lucky to live in a state with great laws. I take advantage of them everyday. I hope I never need it, but if I do I will have it.
    I too am in a state with great laws. Georgia is very gun friendly. Other than Federal buildings and the courthouse we get to carry most everywhere. I do not ever see any businesses with any signs "requesting no carrying." I say requesting as they do not have the power of law anyway. Having come from California it is very refreshing to live here. For the first couple of weeks I felt self conscious but now hardly give it a thought while armed. I never leave home without it. Carrying gives you the opportunity to defy the gun haters. It is a good feeling.

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    When I thought about getting a CCW in CA mid 2015 my greatest concern was the travel my wife and I undertake for shooting competitions. My wife said that if I got a CCW I should carry whenever possible. I agreed with her and now having received my license I carry at all times save when I'm doing very heavy outside work around our place. As bad as California is at least businesses posting "no guns allowed" signs don't have the force of law. I would not go to a movie theater, for example, if I couldn't carry. I've driven millions of miles in my life without ever needing a seat belt; I still buckle up every time I get in the car.

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    My carry habits are much like yours. I've had my CCW for a little over two years now and have probably carried on less than a dozen occasions. I live in a low crime area and really very seldom leave my "city" for anything. If I am going to the nearest metro area I will carry but for the most part won't when I'm farting around my town. In fact, if I'm carrying anything it's my pepper spray (for dogs) during my daily hour long walk to exercise my pooch.

    I guess (right or wrong) I decide to carry based upon my perceived threat level for a particular area or event. I work on a college campus in a bad part of town in Omaha but unfortunately cannot carry (even in my vehicle) on campus grounds. I usually have my EDC folder and some pepper spray handy while at work so I am somewhat protected. One thing I learned in the military was that having good situational awareness and paying attention to your surroundings is always an important first step in preserving your own life. As such, I don't travel to businesses or restaurants in this area unless absolutely necessary. If I had the option I'd carry everyday to/at work but that is because of the area and not because I feel the need to be armed 24/7...

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    I would say you are not an outlier. I've read that as many as 80% of permit holders do not carry. They have the permit to carry a loaded gun in the car when they travel.

    I carry every time I leave the house. You'll never know when you might need it. And like a parachute, if you need one and don't have it, you'll never need it again.
    I know little on the subject so I'll speak at length.

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    I carry whenever possible. I work on a military reservation so the Army has determined I cant even bring one and leave it in the car. Other than that, I am armed.
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    I can't carry at work since I work in a jail. Everywhere else I carry, except for post office, court house, etc. If I'm running an errand or such, it's easy to at least drop a j-frame in the front pocket.
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