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Would you conceal carry during this type of recreational activity?

This is a discussion on Would you conceal carry during this type of recreational activity? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wasted some money at the local Splatter Park's "Zombie Shoot" several years ago, simply to indulge some non-shooting friends. Yes, I remained armed throughout ...

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Thread: Would you conceal carry during this type of recreational activity?

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    I wasted some money at the local Splatter Park's "Zombie Shoot" several years ago, simply to indulge some non-shooting friends. Yes, I remained armed throughout the entire fiasco.
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    If it's legal, regardless of the activity, I'm carrying.
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    Participating in any game or sport using equipment that can resemble firearms or that operate in the same manner?
    I'm not taking a chance of having a real weapon in play by accident.
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    For such an activity I would most likely pocket carry a jframe or my beretta pico. I don't think I would be tempted to reach into my pocket and draw it if my paint ball or lazer tag gun malfunctioned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I donít participate in those types of activities.
    Same here!

    That said, I would never want a real firearm anywhere near those type of activities (same with FoF training).

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    I would bring with me to the event..but not wear it during. Paintball is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmf552 View Post

    But the amusing story is that one time we were game-on in the woods and someone yelled out to stop the game. This was only supposed to happen if someone was injured. We all converged on the area where the call came from and what happened was that someone came across a really big rattlesnake. We kept our distance, but he was coiled to strike, rattler going and everything. After a short discussion, we decided it would be best to kill it or it could be a further hazard. The SEALS and Marines beat feet back to their cars and returned with all kinds of artillery. It was like, "First one back gets the shot!" The first guy back was a SEAL with a 1911. He dispatched the snake with one to the head.

    Attachment 301530
    Speaking of Marines and rattlesnakes, look up "Death On a Sunny Afternoon" - a great video by the late Pat Rogers regarding another since-departed Gunsite instructor, Louis Awerbuck.
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    No, particularly since every such venue has very strict rules against actual firearms on the playing field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotBrass45 View Post
    Maybe they've changed in the 5 or 10 years since I last picked up a paintball gun, but last I knew paintball guns are totally different than the weapons most people carry for personal protection. I think you'd have to be an idiot of the highest order to get them mixed up. Even then I don't think it's possible. It would be like getting your 1911 mixed up with your garden sprayer. I think it's less risky to keep my weapon on my person during the game than keep it in a locker room or out in my vehicle.
    Just one example. There are many others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novarider View Post
    Just one example. There are many others.

    Yeah those have changed a lot. Last time I did it we had AUG-sized guns with big hoppers on top and a CO2 canister attached. There was no mistaking them for a Glock. These, not so much
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    My son used to be heavily into paintball. He'd come home looking like he'd gone hand-to-hand with nest of angry wasps. I thought the object was not to be shot but apparently not.

    I wouldn't partake in the game myself. My temperament would be a disadvantage.
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    We do not remove firearms for knife fighting class, which is very physical. We do trade real blades for training blades, but the guns stay on.

    So, No I do not disarm for other activities.

    I did disarm a grown man when I was a late teen in our local laser tag, he was creeping up on me, shielding his vest from hits with a barricade, as
    he pied the corner I removed his pistol and shot him in the vest. He snitched on me like a little girl and everyone laughed at him.
    Appalachian Concealment

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    Why would I give up my personal protection to play at mock-combat? If you are worried about confusing the two hand-held items.....well, nevermind I'm trying to be good today.
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    ph my gosh.. I totally misread the post. I totally withdraw my YES vote. I would NOT carry during such an activity
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    The only place I don't carry a gun is in places that have metal detectors and I don't go where they have metal detectors unless I just absolutely have to.

    I keep my gun in my pocket. Nobody is ever going to know I have a gun unless I have to use it. If I have to use it then I don't care who knows about it.

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