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Are you carrying a gun?

This is a discussion on Are you carrying a gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Actually, in my state (alabama) where there is an estimated 20% of people who cc, I actually do look to see who is carrying. The ...

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Thread: Are you carrying a gun?

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    Actually, in my state (alabama) where there is an estimated 20% of people who cc, I actually do look to see who is carrying. The main reason I look is I want to learn from them. How to carry and how not to carry.

    Even with me looking the only time I have made someone with a gun that had what appeared to be a 380 with about a half inch of the mag/grip sticking out of his rear pants pocket. That is one in thousands. He stood at a UPS counter and I was curious to see if anyone was staring, so I kept looking around. I don't think anyone noticed, or perhaps, cared.
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    I have seen people open carrying here in WA a few times.

    On a couple of those occasions I was with a group of other people. On later questioning, I found that I was the only person in the group who had noticed the open carry, on both of those occasions...

    I stopped worrying about "getting made" at that point...

    On one of those two occasions, we were on a relatively narrow trail, and the open carrier was passing us going in the opposite direction. Because it was narrow, he had to turn and shuffle a bit to get by. He had turned so his gun was facing us as we passed him, which was one of the reasons I noticed it. We were all in single-file, and passed him one-by-one, and I was still the only person who noticed the open carry.

    I think I wouldn't worry too much about it...
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    I've concealed since I was 20, well legally since I was 20. I'm 68 now. There are mitigating circumstances. Working undercover is different from working in plain clothes is different from working in business clothes as a detective is different from being off duty or operating as an armed civilian.

    Of all the above mentioned, and like most folks I carry as a civilian only wanting to protect myself. There is no shortage of methods and firearms that are easily and deeply concealed. the trend towards people carrying service sized handguns lends to "getting made". This is becoming more common and sometimes cause issues between carriers and police and business owners.

    Someone carrying a service sized firearm, and "gets made" should understand that they have at least a nickle in that dollar. This is a bit of how open carry advocates see things. Except that for the most part open carriers are not hiding or attempting to hide being armed. Using common logic, a person with a gun that is trying to hide that gun will naturally cause some concern. Concern by the average fellow citizen and probably the police.

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    I usually carry concealed, i.e. covered up.

    I don't care if I print, don't really care if the wind blows my shirt up on occasion. Around here, nobody pays any attention, and open carry is common, guns are everywhere.

    Locally, I can't imagine anyone questioning me on whether I was carrying a handgun or not. And if they did, they would just get an icy stare for an answer.
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